3 Ratings for Schools

Obama’s administration will ask Congress for get rid of the pass/fail school rating system that is currently In place of the No Child Left Behind program and replace it with one that labels schools in one of three manners: high performing, needs improvement or low performing.

US Education Secretary Arne Duncan will lead the efforts in convincing Congress to make the switch. Obama announced this proposed change in his weekly radio address to the nation recently and said that all students should graduate from high school well-prepared for college-regardless of where the students come from.

It will take time to achieve this goal and it will require the dedication of parents, schools, teachers as well as students. Obama said that this change is very important to the future of America’s children and for the country as a whole.

The country’s lowest performing schools will be required to improve, even if this means firing the principals and much of the staff at those schools. This is exactly what happened recently at a Rhode Island high school.

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