Accredited Classes and Programs at the University of Phoenix

Once you take a look at the accredited classes and programs at the University of Phoenix Online, you will discover that there is a wide range of choices for you.

The University of Phoenix is the world’s biggest accredited and privately owned university. It offers a huge array of course options, and with over 100 college degree programs for Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s educational levels. Since this institution offers both campus-based and online degree programs, you can choose whichever mode of learning suits you best.

Just a few of the campus-based programs include Business, Accounting, Healthcare and Education degrees. There are also Master’s degree programs made available such as Master’s in Business Administration and Master of Arts in Education.

Online degree programs include Associate of Arts in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Call Center Professional Certificate and Project Management Certificate. Accredited classes and programs at the University of Phoenix are wide ranging, providing the best solutions to undergraduate or graduate level education needs.


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