Be Sure to Have Great Letters of Recommendation

If you are a college student and plan on attending grad school, you should know that most grad schools require letters of recommendation. You should carefully consider who you will ask to write these letters for you.

In most likelihood, your letters will be coming from previous professors. If you have some work experience than you can submit a professional letter of recommendation from a past employer right along with your academic letter.

If you are active in campus or community organizations a letter from someone who can speak about your service and leadership would be very valuable. Your letters of recommendation should address details concerning your critical reasoning skills, creativity in general, tenacity and your strengths. You will also want your letters to address how often you contributed to situations such as jobs or classes.

Admission committees are looking for students who are going to participate actively in classroom settings as well as students who go out of their way to partake in activities related to their higher learning. Be sure to get your letters of recommendation sent out in a timely manner as well.

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