College Admission Test: What is SAT Testing?

The SAT Testing is a standardized exam necessary for high school students to get accepted for college education in the United States. This exam is geared towards the preparation of students for college life after high school graduation.

The SAT is published and created by the College Board, which now has more than 3,800 schools, colleges and universities as its members. For students, completing a registration form and paying for a minimal fee is necessary before taking up the exam.

Included in the test are math problems, critical thinking tests, reading skills exams, and measurement of writing aptitude. The scores that you get for your SAT tests will be among the factors necessary for your admission to a desired college institution or university.

The tests typically last for about four hours, and include both the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests, at 3 hours 20 minutes and then 1 hour.


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