Computer Animation As A Career Choice

If you would love to have a career as an animator, you can get started by finding a college that will allow you to study this exciting field of work. Computer animation is a career choice that is full of opportunity and if you like the thought of learning how to create animated characters, story lines and background effects then computer animation may be the perfect career choice for you.

If you enroll in a computer animation school you will take courses such as drawing, color theory, computer applications and graphic design. You will learn how to develop backgrounds and scenic layouts as well as learn how to create audio and video productions.

You will have the choice of earning either an associate, bachelor, or master degree in computer animation and you can even specialize in game art and design, web design and multimedia, graphic design or digital design and animation.

With a degree in computer animation you will be qualified to build three dimensional models, do video editing and audio animation. There are many computer animation schools around the world and by conducting a quick search online you can locate a school in your area.

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