Children Learning from mistakes

One of the most difficult lesson parents have to learn is, in-spite of there most honorable efforts to protect children from pitfalls in life, they can’t always do it. This becomes even more apparent when children are in high school and college. Many parents can offer their perspectives and advice but they often find children [...]

Online Computer Science Programs

Interested in obtaining a Computer Science degree online from an Accredited college or university? Look no further, provides a list of distance learning degree programs in many other categories. Check out the comprehensive list shown for Online IT & Computer Science Programs IT and Computer science programs are very popular for distance learning, many [...]

Directory of Accredited Online Classes is for university, college and certificate students wanting accredited online degrees via distance learning school programs. Our site partners with only Regionally Accredited colleges and universities to help you find your degree or education needs online. Accredited college degrees are ideal for distance learning program. The advantage of Accredited distance learning degree via accredited [...]

AIU Online is featuring AIU Online course listings for online education college degree programs. AUI ONline (AKA American InterContinental University Online) provides courses for associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees. AUIonline is an Accredited University and provides popular degree programs, some of which include Business, Criminal Justice, Education, and IT/Computer Science. Check out out the [...]

Health Care Degrees

Rasmussen College offers the following health care degree programs: Child care Specialist Certificate Medical Coding Specialist Certificate Child Development AAS Executive Administration AAS with Medical Emphasis Massage Therapy AAS Medical Assisting AAS Medical Transcriptionist AAS Pharmacy Technician AAS Get more Health Care degree college courses info from Rasmussen College by visiting our degree directory Referenced [...]

Accredited Online Degrees is a resource directory for accredited online degrees. When you visit our website you will see that all the colleges and universities are accredited institutions. The listings we provide are for college degree courses and programs, we categorize them by degree type (certificates, associates, bachelors, masters, post graduate). All classes listed are for distance [...]

Education Link Exchange Partners and educational websites are now seeking qualified link partners. To qualify for a link exchange your site must fit this criteria: 1. Your Site is a PR3 or higher (google page rank) 2. You site is related to the Education industry 3. Your site extension is one of these .com .net .org .edu [...]

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Start your search at you current school or the school you plan to attend, as many scholarships are school-specific. Check with you local librarian and local civic organizations. You may also want to consider the effect a scholarship can have on your financial aid options. If you are awarded a Pell Grant, you may also [...]

Federal Pell Grants

Unlike a loan, a Federal Pell grant doesn’t require you to repay it. Most of the time, Pell Grants are only awarded to undergraduate students. In some limited cases, however, you might receive a Pell Grant if you’re enrolled in a post baccalaureate teacher certificate program. Pell Grants are usually a foundation of federal student [...]

Accredited Classes features a comprehensive list of accredited college degrees available for online degree studies. Our directory provides a list of degrees categorized by type: Certificate Accredited Degrees Associate Accredited Degrees Bachelor’s Accredited Degrees Master’s Accredited Degrees Postgraduate Accredited Degrees Our website is an ideal resource for professionals seeking accreditation for a variety of programs. Visit [...]

BCC has Certificate Programs

Brookdale Community College, located in Lincroft, NJ, has an excellent certification curriculum called SCOPE. SCOPE, stands for Strategies for Continuing Professional Education and applies to numerous certification courses they offer to professionals. Brookdale Community College also offers accredited classes. Among these programs, there are certifications for CISSP (Certified Internet Security Specialist), MCSE (Microsoft Certified System [...]

University of Phoenix has Certificate Programs

In addition to having a wide variety of accredited classes and degree programs, the University of Phoenix also provides students and profeesionals with a wide range og certification programs. Most of these certificate programs can be taken online or at one the University of Phoenix’s campus locations. The certification programs include topics that are applicable [...]

High Tech Certifications From ASU

American Sentinel has multiple high tech certifications. Among the most popular certifications are some industry recognized certification programs for Microsoft, Cisco and COMPTIA. Whether individuals are seeking to begin their technology careers or if they are improving their knowledge of the field, they can start their search at Accredited Classes. American Sentinel University is a [...]

Business Certificates for Professionals

Corporations and businesses around the globe rely on their employees for the delivery, support and administration of the company’s products and services. That is why the quality of their staff and their commitment to providing the best skills available make some companies great. Accredited Classes has many resources to help individuals get the certifications they [...]

Other Forms of Distance Learning

One of the oldest forms of distance learning were correspondence courses and the first organization to offer it was the University of South Africa in 1946. Today, thanks to modern technologies, there are several methods of delivery for distance learning including through radio broadcast, television programs, video teleconferencing, online classes and even Podcasts. Having multiple [...]

What is Distance Learning?

The term distance learning has many slight variations but the primary function of distance learning is to allow students and instructors to interact from different physical, geographic locations for the purpose of educational instruction. Distance learning courses, often including accredited classes, can be conducted in one of two ways, either synchronously where the student and [...]

Types of Doctorate Degrees

There are generally three types of Doctorate Degrees that can be awarded, research/terminal, (first) professional, and honorary. Any of these would have been required to complete accredited classes relative to their field of study. The first type, research/terminal Doctorate, is usually awarded to an individual who has produced their dissertation, an advanced research paper that [...]

Is There A Doctorate In The House

Earning a Doctorate Degree takes a great deal of mental, emotional and financial dedication and fortitude. Students and professionals seeking to obtain this high level degree must first obtain their Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree and should count on a minimum of 8 years of studies. Accredited Classes has a number of resources to help [...]

AC Resources

Individuals interested in pursuing their college degrees should go to the Accredited Classes website for more information. This site will help potential or returning students to quickly determine the best college or university to select to help them achieve their academic goals and assure them that they are actually taking accredited classes. All accredited should [...]

Devry University Ranks High for Over 25’s

Devry University has long held great appeal for students over 25 years of age. With approximately 60% in Texas, 50% in Georgia and 49% at their Illinois and California campuses being made up of students over 25, Devry University University is obviously a top choice for individuals seeking to obtain their college degree or certification. [...]