Top Ten Jobs: 10. Psychologist

Psychologists rank at number 10 on the Top 50 Jobs in America list put out by MONEY Magazine and Many people do not know that psychologists are four times more likely to be self-employed than other professionals. Educational and certification requirements for psychologists can be tough, with a minimum of a PhD college degree. [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 9. Pharmacist

Number 9 on the Top 50 Jobs in America list goes to pharmacists. Theses tireless professionals have been in varying degrees of demand over the ages and date back to ancient apothecaries. “ Why it’s great: Demand for pharmacists is exploding as the population ages and new medications are developed. By 2010 the number of [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 8. Real Estate Appraiser

One significant and beneficial side effect of the housing market explosion during the 1990’s to 2000’s was the need for qualified Real Estate Appraisers. Ranked number 8 on the list of the Top 50 Jobs in America, real estate appraisers were, and in some areas still are in very high demand. With the internet as [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 7. Computer IT Analyst

Computer Information Technology Analysts have become an integral part of any major corporation’s IT team. Some computer IT analysts can earn over $250,000 annually maintaining a business’s intranet and network administration. These in-demand professionals usually have college degrees ranging from a Bachelor’s to a PhD. According to, “ Why it’s great: Seems like the [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 6. Market Research Analyst

Coming in at number 6 on the Top 50 Jobs in America list collaborated on by MONEY Magazine and, market research analysts can expect to generate an income level of $200k or more in the workplace. These individuals have the advantage and opportunity to test a variety of products before they ever get to [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 5. Physician’s Assistant

After completing an often grueling “Four years of college, two to three years of training in an accredited program, plus national exam for certification”, individual who have chosen to become physician’s assistants can expect to earn over $100,000 in annual salary according to the Top 50 Jobs in America study jointly prepared by MONEY Magazine [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 4. Human Resources Manager

Number 4 on the list of the Top 50 Jobs in America is for Human Resources Managers. This rewarding career can empower individuals to help develop and improve the workplace, which can increase productivity and employee happiness. Senior Human Resource Directors can earn as much as $285,000 and in some cases over $1 million per [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 3. Financial Advisor

Financial adviser comes in third on the list of the Top 50 Jobs in America. This career is also a good choice for college and university graduates interested in potential earnings in excess of $200,000 per year. This hot field is attracting scores of college graduates and professionals from a variety of industries to this [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 2. College Professor

A college professor is considered to be the second best of the Top 50 Jobs in America according to the study jointly done by MONEY Magazine and This fact certainly dispels the not so complimentary adage that “those who don’t do, teach”. The article goes on to explain the reasoning and perks of this [...]

Top Ten Jobs: 1. Software Engineer

Not surprisingly, the number one spot on the Top 50 Jobs in America survey conducted by MONEY Magazine and is held by Software Engineers. even summarizes what they believe to be the reason this job is so coveted, “Why it’s great: Software engineers are needed in virtually every part of the economy, making [...]

Top Ten Jobs in America

Individuals, especially college graduates, interested in starting their careers or changing position should consider some of the careers named among the best in the country. Some of these jobs have been historically known to be good career choices while others on the list have become more attractive due to the influence of emerging technologies. The [...]

Top 50 Jobs in America

College and university students and professionals should be aware that in a recent research survey, respected resources MONEY Magazine and compiled a list of the 50 Best Jobs in America. According to an article by, “MONEY and started by analyzing government and private data on industry growth and compensation levels. But in [...]

Healthcare Specialization

Students and professionals in the healthcare industry really have a huge variety of career positions to choose from depending on their level of college education. Each area of healthcare from administration to service providers has many different positions to help meet the needs of organizations.  For example, a medical student interested in eventually becoming a [...]

Health & Medicine

At the Accredited Classes website, individuals can find a wealth of invaluable information about taking accredited classes and obtaining degrees and certifications in the Health & Medicine industry. People interested in pursuing a career in this industry can specialize in any of a number of areas including psychology, counseling, health administration, health services, human services, [...]

Getting Down To Business

College and university business students have a wide array of career choices they can pursue when they complete their programs degree. Some of the most common fields that students pursue after obtaining their college degrees that are related to business include, but are not limited to the following areas: accounting, finance, economics, business administration, business [...]

Science & Engineering Degrees

There are also a plethora of accredited classes and college degree programs geared towards individuals interested in careers in the Science and Engineering industries. Some students specialize in the fields of Science, Mathematics, Aviation, Chemical Engineering, Genetics Research and many other exciting positions. Microbiologists, Electronics Engineers and Nuclear physicists all hail from this technical industry. [...]

Arts & Humanities

College and university students as well as busy professionals now have the opportunity to pursue their educational and career goals thanks to numerous educational institutions that offer accredited classes. Individuals interested in employment in the Arts & Humanities fields of study can find the courses they need to get a position or a promotion in [...]

Defining the Campus

Colleges and universities must adhere to safety regulations under the guidelines of the Clery Act. The 2005 Handbook for Campus Crime Reporting clearly defines what areas, buildings, facilities, grounds and property are considered a part of the overall campus boundaries. Academic institutions are responsible for making sure that these areas are relatively safe and crime-free [...]

Safety Guidelines

An easy rule of thumb to help safety officials and administrators at universities and colleges determine whether or not an area should be considered a part of the campus or at least subject to the same safety consideration as the actual campus is documented in the 2005 Handbook for Campus Crime Reporting. It states that [...]

Kinds of Type B On-Campus Areas

According to the handbook, on-campus includes buildings and property that are in the same general location and that fit into one of two types. The second of these two types is Type B, and refers to areas that are,b) Owned but not controlled by the school, frequented by students, and used to support the institution’s [...]