Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses

Although appearances may not be the number one priority for deciding which college or university to attend, the aesthetics and beauty of an institution can help when narrowing one’s list of choices for enrollment. The Princeton Review found the following academic institutions had the most beautiful campuses based on factors such as architecture, landscaping and [...]

2006 Top 10 Toughest Colleges to Get Into

The informative Princeton Review has published another list that many college and university students see as a challege, the Top 10 Toughest Colleges to Get Into. These top-notch academic institutions boast very difficult curriculums and very tough admissions qualifications. The list for the 2006 Top 10 Toughest Colleges to Get Into includes: 1.      Massachusetts Institute [...]

Top 10 Politically Active Colleges

There is no denying that many of the most widespread and influential political, social and educational reforms began at our nation’s colleges and universities. This should come as no surprise to those who understand that many college and university students experience leaps and bounds in intellectual, emotional and social growth and awareness as they are [...]

Top 10 Colleges with the Best Quality of Life

Rounding out the Top 10 Colleges with the Best Quality of Life in the United States are several top ranked institutions that rate high on everything from the friendliness of the staff and students to the campus environment to the quality of the social atmosphere college and university students can expect to find there. 1.      [...]

Top 10 Diverse Student Bodies

The Princeton Review’s 2006 Top 10 Diverse Student Bodies includes several institutions that have been known to host a wide variety students from different social, ethnic and racial backgrounds. These colleges and universities show an interesting microcosm of the diversity the United States has become synonymous with. 1. DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois) 2. George Mason [...]

Hundreds of Colleges

There are literally hundreds of universities and colleges participating in the Independent 529 Plan. These institutions are spread throughout the United States and include many well-known colleges and universities. Some of these include schools like Vanderbilt University, Pepperdine University, Stanford University, Wesleyan University, George Washington University, Emory University, University of Notre Dame, Northwestern College, Tulane [...]

Why Choose the Independent 529 Plan

As stated on the Independent 529 Plan website, parents of college and university students should consider, “Assuming that private college tuition inflation continues at an average rate of 6% per year and an Independent 529 Plan annual discount rate of 1%, it’s like earning a 7% increase in value each year—tax-free. In this example, instead [...]

Independent 529 Plan

The Independent 529 Plan is an innovative program by which parents can save towards their children’s college education in advance. Unlike most traditional savings plans, Independent 529 Plan not only allows parents to prepay college and university tuition that can be applied to any member institution, it also provides a guarantee against the inevitable inflation [...]

Help from Above

Educational researchers of colleges and universities have noticed that a very small number of low-income students attend what are generally considered to be the top accredited colleges. Many of these top academic institutions are taking an active role in making sure these students from lower income families have the ability to benefit from a high-quality [...]

Facing Rising Costs

Escalating college costs are a key factor affecting whether or not some high school graduates attend college. The rising costs are also creating challenges for college students that simply do not have the resources to continue with their degree programs. Students are finding that they need additional funding even after exhausting government grants and scholarships. [...]

Keeping Ahead of College Debt

The average college or university student has a debt of about $20,000 at the time of their graduation. It is estimated that about two-thirds of college and university students in the United States borrow money to pay for college. To add to this daunting graduation present, many students have also accumulated a great deal of [...]

College Debt

It is well known that the typical college student sometimes struggles financially. It begins with getting adequate financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships and loans just to get into college in the first place. Once a student has gotten past this initial hurdle, and attend their respective college or universityother financial factors have [...]