Perkins Loan

Sometimes college and university students come up short when trying to obtain funds to attend their school of choice. Some find that even after applying all grant, scholarship ad personal resources, they still need more money to attend. The federal government makes several types of education loans available to students who may need them. One [...]


Another good source of funding for college-bound students are scholarships. There are literally hundreds of scholarships students can apply for but they all share a common trait and that is that as long as the student meets the requirements of the scholarship, they will receive funding that does not have to be repaid. Scholarships are [...]

Getting College Money

The majority of college and university students explore their options when it comes to funding their educational goals. Students of all ages may want or need to supplement their college funding by any of a number of methods. By far the best choices for college funding are the so-called “free money” options. These options include [...]

Medical records and Health Information Techs

Medical records and health information technicians generally earn around $27,660.00 per year in salary. To qualify for these positions, individuals usually have to have completed college level course study and obtained their associate degree with a relevant emphasis. Medical records and health information technicians are responsible for duties including compiling, processing, and maintaining medical hospital [...]

Online Nursing Degree Programs

There are few industries that are as fast growing and having the staying power of as the healthcare industry. Health care professionals and administrators on every level are in high demand nationwide. The healthcare industry is expected to continue to be one of the fastest growing sectors for the next decade or more. With incredible [...]

Online Information Systems and Technology Degrees and Programs

Many colleges and universities offer accredited online Information Systems and Technology Degrees and Programs but Kaplan University stands above most institutions. In this high demand field, it is a wise decision for students and professionals to choose their career path in information technology. Kaplan University currently offers the following bachelor degrees in information systems and [...]

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal activities are constantly on the rise and as such, the need for qualified law enforcement and security professionals is increasing at a rapid pace. Many individuals who want to start or advance their careers in criminal justice can check out more information about Kaplan University and other accredited institutions on the website. Kaplan [...]

Kaplan Business Degree Programs

Kaplan University also offers online Associate, Bachelor, and MBA Business Degree Programs to students and professionals. Kaplan’s accredited online business degree programs provide individuals with the real-world knowledge and skills they will need to have to launch themselves into a lucrative career in their field of choice. Business degree program students will learn to sharpen [...]

Kaplan University Works With Students

Kaplan University has the added benefit of customizing their accredited degree programs to the student’s needs. For example, “if you want to become an educator but can’t commit to a bachelor’s degree, our online educational paraprofessional associate’s degree can help you prepare yourself for work as a teacher’s assistant with special emphasis on child development [...]

Kaplan Offerings

Award-winning Kaplan University offers a wide variety of accredited online degree programs to suit a wire range of fields and industries. Kaplan University offers online associate and bachelor degree programs to students and busy professionals who need to have the flexibility to work on their degrees at their own pace, without the distractions of inconveniences [...]

Kaplan University Philosphy

World-renowned online college degree provider Kaplan University has a firm philosophy that is “born of the belief that knowledge is freedom. That the right knowledge provides you freedom to grow, to achieve your goals, to help you navigate and excel in your profession, and in your life”. Kaplan University believes in the premise that their [...]

Top Ranked Kaplan University

According to the February 2006 Higher Education Survey Report, an independent survey of students and graduates of for-profit schools conducted by Robert W. Baird & Co., Kaplan University was America’s #1 Ranked Online University in the three areas of Quality of Education, Benefits vs. Cost, Student Recommendation Rate. It comes as no surprise that with [...]

A.A.S. in Accounting

Many entry-level and advanced college and university students would be wise to pursue a career in accounting. One very special program being offered at the prestigious Rasmussen College is the Associate Degree of Applied Science in Accounting. Students in this program will learn how to handle accounts receivables, accounts payables, payroll, tax return preparation, financial [...]

Business Management A.A.S

Rasmussen College also offers a unique A.A.S. degree in Business Management with Call Center Management Emphasis. As noted on the Rasmussen College website, “call center managers perform a broad range of duties. They coordinate and direct support services to organizations as diverse as insurance companies, computer manufacturers, and government offices. These supervisors are involved in [...]

Rasmussen College A.A.S

All of the necessary skills and knowledge students enrolled in the Business Management A.A.S Internet Marketing Emphasis Degree program at Rasmussen College will need will be provided to them. Some of the areas students will learn how to master will include: The basics of search engine marketing Search engine optimization rules Pay-per-click advertising rules How [...]

Internet Marketing

Rasmussen College recently added an Internet Marketing concentration to its Business Management A.A.S. Degree. Our program provides a solid business foundation along with introducing you to Internet marketing. The search engine marketing field continues to expand rapidly and needs qualified professional to meet the demand. Career Opportunities for Internet Marketing Graduates include Internet Sales & [...]

Going the Extra Mile

In addition to all of the numerous benefits Rasmussen College offers to their students, the institution also offers a unique Graduate Placement Assistance program. Rasmussen College’s Career Services Department is committed to the future success of all of their graduates, and put career-placement as a top priority. Rasmussen College’s Career Services Directors assist students with [...]

Extra Care at Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of College & Schools (NCA). Rasmussen College, over the course of its 100+ years of experience, has catered its programs to be customized to prepare their students for immediate entry into their new careers. Rasmussen College provides exceptional extra perks [...]

Rasmussen College has Associate Degree Programs

An impressive array of associate degree programs is being offered by Rasmussen College. More information on this academic entity can be found at These associate degree programs include the following areas of study:        Accounting AAS        Financial Accounting AAS        HR Accounting AAS        Business Management AAS        Bus. Mgmt – Banking and [...]

MPH at Benedictine University

Benedictine University made a major announcement recently, “Due to the tremendous success of the Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, Benedictine University launches the Online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. Benedictine’s online students earn the same highly respected degree as students who attend the Lisle campus. A top tier university, Benedictine offers small [...]