Westwood College Computer Science Degrees

Westwood College, a popular online degree college, offers many Associated and Bachelor distance learning degree programs in the IT & Computer Science online degree programs. At Accreditedclasses.com we list all programs available by Westwood college and many other colleges and universities. Westwood programs include: A.S. in Computer Network Engineering A.S. in Software Engineering A.S. in [...]

Online Computer Science Degrees

Interested in obtaining a Computer Science degree online from an Accredited college or university? Look no further, www.AccreditedClasses.com provides a list of distance learning degree programs in many other categories. Check out the comprehensive list shown for Online IT & Computer Science Programs IT and Computer science programs are very popular for distance learning, many [...]

Rasmussen College Healthcare Degrees

Rasmussen College offers the following health care degree programs: Child care Specialist Certificate Medical Coding Specialist Certificate Child Development AAS Executive Administration AAS with Medical Emphasis Massage Therapy AAS Medical Assisting AAS Medical Transcriptionist AAS Pharmacy Technician AAS Get more Health Care degree college courses info from Rasmussen College by visiting our degree directory Referenced [...]

Keller Graduate School of Management

The faculty members at the Keller Graduate School of Management are established professionals who focus on sharing their knowledge and real-world experience with enrolled students and professionals. The Keller Graduate School of Management claims to continually enhance its teaching methods through a “Teaching Excellence Course Plus” and student feedback surveys. Their graduate program curriculum contains [...]

University of Phoenix Health Care Programs

University of Phoenix offers the following Health Care campus based degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Health Administration Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN Required) BSN – Licensed Practical Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Master of Counseling Master of Counseling – Community Counseling Master of Counseling in Marriage and Family Counseling Master of [...]

More Diploma Mill Avoidance

The Department of Education also recommends the guidelines set out by the Better Business Bureau regarding diploma mills. The Better Business Bureau suggests you watch for the following features and regard them as red flags when considering whether or not to enroll in a school: * Degrees that can be earned in less time than [...]

Avoiding Diploma Mills

Many students and their parents need to know some key methods of avoiding involvement with a diploma mill. The Department of Education provides some guidelines to help avoid these organizations. The Department of Education also lists a few other resources for helping to determine whether an organization is in fact a diploma mill or not. [...]

Diploma Mills

Many people, especially students, have heard of the term diploma mill applied to some colleges, universities and other educational organizations. The Department of Education defines a diploma mill as follows: A diploma mill is an unaccredited school (or a business claiming to be a school) that awards a degree without requiring classwork meeting college-level standards. [...]

College Options and Information

Students, parents and education administrators can benefit from the sage advice provided by the Department of Education when researching options for students wishing to attend college.  A couple of these tips include:   1. Check the cost. Make sure the school gives you a clear statement of its tuition and fees. Remember that any federal [...]

More Tips for Attending College

The Department of Education also suggest the following tips to students to help them make decisions related to their college educations: 1. Visit the school. Call the school and schedule a visit, preferably while classes are being taught. Get a feel for the school; make sure you’re comfortable with the facilities, the equipment, the teachers, [...]

Thinking of Going to College

The Department of Education advises students interesting in continuing their education and attending an accredited college or university take the following actions in preparation for enrolling: 1. Talk to your counselor. Your school counselor is the first stop for information about the options available to you. Counselors can help you focus on your needs and [...]

Bachelor Degree Program

Aakers College now offers accredited classes for students interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. The main motivations for offering this degree, revolve around the fact that the educational expectations of employers are changing and more jobs now require a Bachelor’s Degree. Classes for this program are offered during the day, [...]

Accounting and Health Programs at Aakers

Aakers College provides a nice variety of accredited classes to students and professionals working towards career placement or advancement. Some of the accounting and health industry programs offered at Aakers include:   Accounting Programs   Accounting AAS Degree Emphasis areas: Financial Accounting Banking & Finance Forensic Accounting Managerial Accounting Diploma   Allied Health Programs   [...]

Aakers College Facts

Accredited Classes provides a wealth of information about the prestigious Aakers College. Aakers College is a private college offering both 2-year and 4-year college degree and professional certificate programs. Aakers College was founded in 1902 in Fargo, North Dakota. The college was so successful that it opened its second campus 3 years later. Aakers College [...]

Facts for Business

In early 2005, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a Facts for Business guide to the public, particularly for the use of employers in identifying fraudulent college degree and professional certification programs offered by diploma mills and similar organizations. The guide points out that Diploma mills in the form of certificate programs for professional credentials [...]

List of Ellis College Arts & Science Degrees

Master’s Degrees MA – Communication Arts – Advertising & Public Relations MS – Instructional Technology for Educators MS – Instructional Technology for Professional Trainers Bachelor’s Degrees BA – English – Literature & Culture BA – English – Professional Writing BA/BS/BPS Interdisciplinary Studies BS – Advertising BS – Behavioral Sciences – Psychology BS – Behavioral Sciences [...]

Other Accredited Classes

The Ellis College of NYIT School of Business & Technology provides students and professionals a wide variety of accredited classes and degree programs to suit the needs of a variety of individuals seeking different levels of education. In addition to an exemplary list of MBA and Bachelor degree programs, Ellis college also offers the following: [...]

BS Degrees at Ellis College

The Ellis College of NYIT School of Business & Technology also offers a great selection of Bachelor Degree programs. Some of these include: BS – Accounting – Professional Accounting BS – Business Administration – Finance BS – Business Administration – General Management BS – Business Administration – Human Resources Management BS – Business Administration – [...]

Ellis College MBA Business Degrees

The Ellis College of NYIT School of Business & Technology offers an excellent choice of MBA Degrees. Some of these degrees include: MBA – General Business Studies MBA – Accounting & Information Systems Specialization MBA – E-Commerce Specialization MBA – Finance Specialization MBA – Global Management Specialization MBA – Health Care Administration Specialization MBA – [...]

Ellis College School of Business & Technology

The Ellis College of NYIT School of Business & Technology offers wide variety of accredited classes and degree programs for eager graduate and undergraduate students. These courses focus on the booming demand for skilled professionals in industries such as domestic and global organization, the economy, society, technology and information systems. Business courses are geared toward [...]