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It Takes All Types

Businesses and organizations in today’s global marketplace understand the need for qualified workers. In today’s workplace there is a greater variety of individuals working in diverse careers for public, government and private industries. Experience interacting with individuals from different backgrounds and ethnicities generally proves to be great learning opportunities for students and professionals. Interaction with [...]

Online Programs

Rasmussen offers a large array of online degree and certification programs to both students and professionals seeking their degree or certification goals. Some of the accredited classes offered at Rasmussen College include the following: Online Accounting Programs: Accounting, Banking, Financial Accounting and Financial Investigation Online Allied Health Programs: Health Information Technician Online Business Management Programs: [...]

What is CHIPS

Most of us think of chips as the California Highway Patrol or the television show depicting these law enforcement specialists but in the case of Rasmussen College, CHIPS means something else entirely. At Rasmussen College, the acronym CHIPS refers to the institution’s values: Community, History, Integrity, Placement and Service. In keeping with these values, Rasmussen [...]

Associate in Accounting

Many academic and professional organizations offer accredited Associate in Accounting degree programs to their enrollees. Individuals that have earned their Associate in Accounting degree usually gain employment in a variety of positions in the accounting and finance industry. Some of the positions typically filled by graduates in this program frequently include positions as General Accountants, [...]

Health Information Technician

Rasmussen College also offers an accredited Health Information Technician program to healthcare professionals. Rasmussen College’s Health Information Technician program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). According to, Health Information Technicians can expect to earn an average of [...]

Internet Marketing Degree Expectations

In addition to learning more about a rapidly growing industry, students and professionals pursuing an Internet Marketing degree should expect to make handsome salaries while staying on the industry’s cutting edge. Some of the more common job titles Internet Marketing professionals will most likely land include: Internet Sales & Marketing Associate, Assistant Web Marketing Manager, [...]

Internet Marketing Degrees

Students and professionals can now take accredited classes towards their Internet Marketing degree whether they are seeking an Associate€™s or Bachelor€™s degree in this subject. Rasmussen College offers both 2-year and 4-year degrees in Internet Marketing. Individuals that take these programs should expect to learn about and successfully apply their knowledge in: · The basics [...]

Learn. Grow. Succeed. At Rasmussen College

Learn. Grow. Succeed. This is one of the mantras of Rasmussen College. This dynamic accredited academic institution offers both on-camps and online college level degree and certificate programs to students and professionals. This institution has been operating for over a century and is one of the first destinations of students and professionals seeking to obtain [...]

Digital Design and Advertising

According to some professionals and academic administrators, a few of the skills and qualities that will be necessary for students and professionals to be successful in Digital Design and Advertising include but are not limited to the following: Ability to gather the information necessary to plan and complete creative projects Creativity relative to drawing, typography, [...]

Multimedia Technologies AAS Degree

Students and professionals interested in exciting careers as Network Administrators, 2D/3D Graphic Designers, Interactive Developers, Multimedia Artists or Authors, Video Game Producers, Animation Specialists or any of a variety of careers in motion pictures and/or the video industry should consider taking accredited classes to get their Multimedia Technologies AAS Degree. This degree is designed for [...]

Business Management AAS Degree

Rasmussen College offers Business Management AAS Degree programs that focus on business administration, technology, strategy and communication. Rasmussen College’s Our Business Management programs provide a varying degree of study in classes such as accounting, administration, management, office operations, marketing and sales. Rasmussen College offer Business Management AAS Degree in the following areas of emphasis: Business [...]

Information System Management

The Keller Graduate School of Management also offers an exciting online Master’s Degree program in Information Systems Management to professionals in the computer and network technology industry. Not only does this online program offer individuals the knowledge and skills to successfully manage an organization’s IT department, they also learn how to become better overall business [...]

MBA from Keller

The Keller Graduate School of Management, a subsidiary of Devry University, provides a great online MBA program for students and professionals. Typically, MBA degree holders can work in practically any industry including but, not limited to:  Marketing, Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, Consulting and Information Systems. These professionals usually earn high salaries and land prestigious positions within [...]

Nursing/Health Care Education Certificate (NHCE)

As stated on the University of Phoenix online, Novice health care educators who want a solid foundation in effective teaching techniques. Experienced educators looking to update and expand their skills can take the  four-course Nursing/Health Care Education Certificate (NHCE) program completely online. The Health Care industry has been booming and is projected to continue to [...]

Program Management Certificate

Professionals with positions that are responsible or involved with an organization’s ongoing projects should check out the online Program Management Certificate program currently being offered at the University of Phoenix. Organization management and supervisory staff can benefit immensely from this dynamic certification program. The course provides professionals with the requisite skills and knowledge to effectively [...]

CCMP Preparedness

According to the University if Phoenix Online, the CCMP program examines management functions, evaluates key performance indicators, and explores the latest call center systems and technology. Participants will analyze factors influencing workforce performance, including human resources, regulatory, and diversity issues. Participants will examine customer relationship management (CRM) practices, determine ways to meet and exceed customer [...]

Brookdale Community College Certificate Programs

Brookdale Community College, an accredited college, offers a wide variety of online certificate programs. Below we have compiled a list of these certifications which mainly cover the IT and Computer Science courses: Medical Coding Certification CompTIA A+ Certification CompTIA Linux+ CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security+ Microsoft Certified Application Developer Visual C# .NET / Visual Microsoft Certified [...]

Online Call Center Management Certification

Individuals interested in earning their certification in Call Center Management can find a great online certificate program at the University of Phoenix Online. This career filed has a high demand for qualified professionals. Call Centers frequently need to deal with and effectively manage many challenges including optimizing staff  productivity, controlling inherent costs and constantly improving [...]

University of Phoenix

One of the resources referenced at is the University of Phoenix Online. This progressive institution, with campuses located throughout the United States, has provided distance learning to individuals for many years. The name University of Phoenix is well-known throughout the business community and is almost synonymous with online degree and certification programs. With marketing [...]