FAST COMPANY’s Top 25 Jobs

FAST COMPANY, a major internet and magazine company, published an index of The 25 Top Jobs for 2005-2009. The criteria their researchers used to determine what they considered the top 25 jobs include, by order of importance: Demand – (35%) Referencing the Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth data through 2012. Salary – (35%) Referencing [...]

Personal Financial Adviser

Many students and professionals are pursuing online college degrees and professional training to become Personal Financial Advisers. This position can provide individuals with an exciting and rewarding career. These professionals can develop life-long relationships with their clients and help them to not only manage their finances but also help them make decisions to let their [...]

Medical Scientists Wanted

The fact that human being are living longer and healthier lives has produced a huge demand for qualified healthcare professionals ranging from physical therapists to neurologists. With frequent developments in the medical industry, there is also a huge demand for Medical Scientists. These coveted professionals typically have a wide range of salaries but many command [...]

College-Educated Chiropractors Needed

As more and more people lean towards natural and holistic methods of healing or warding of ailments, chiropractors have become more in demand. Unlike previous eras, this field has become broadly respected in both the medical community and to the general public. Chiropractors normally diagnose and treat issues their patients have with any of a [...]

Computer Software Engineer

With over 288 billion people in the United States alone, an astounding number of adults use computers, over 70% according to, there is no wonder why Computer Software Engineers are in great demand. Every program, application and internet tool was created by a Software Engineer. Most of these professionals have obtained at least a [...]

Making Managers

Students and professionals seeking careers in management should be prepared for a rewarding and challenging experience. Most managerial professions have obtain at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or a similar specialty. Their duties can cover every aspect of a company or organization’s functions. Managers are frequently called upon by business owners or board [...]

CCM Duties

Call Center managers that have completed their degree or certification programs can expect to have learned numerous skills of their trade. Some of the responsibilities and duties associated with these positions include: Following up customer resolution issues to ensure customer satisfaction. Entering and updating computer generated contracts, forms, address records and service status reports. Contacting [...]

Call Center Management

Students and professionals in Call Center Management careers are generally expected to have not only completed college-level courses but, learned a great deal of knowledge and training so they can successfully promote business, assuage customer tensions and basically handle a full array of duties. Individuals that complete Call Center Management training should have a working [...]

Growing Needs for Call Center Managers

There has always been a need for businesses to provide their customers with great customer support and guidance in the use of their respective products and services. Today, more than in the past, more and more businesses are requiring a higher standard of call center specialists who are college educated and capable enough to handle [...]

Business Degree Positions

Individuals seeking to better themselves through continuing education like college degree and certification programs usually meet with some level of success in their chosen career paths. Individuals with Business Degrees can expect to have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a career. Some of the career choices available to Business Degree Graduates [...]

Business Management Opportunities

Rasmussen College offers a great degree program in Business Management. Students and professionals looking to obtain their degrees or enhance their career skills can benefit greatly from a degree in Business Management. According to projections done by the Minnesota Department of Economic Security, in 2008 positions for managerial and administrative professionals will be the third [...]

Child Development AAS Skills

Students and professionals pursuing their Child Development AAS degree can expect to learn to do numerous duties and functions in their professional careers. Some of these duties and task include some of the following: · Assessing the abilities and weaknesses of students · Organizing field trips and parent conferences · Demonstrating physical and instructional program [...]

Child Development AAS

Rasmussen College is one of the nation’s leading academic institutions. This noteworthy institution offers numerous degree and certification programs for students and professionals. One of the courses offered at Rasmussen College is their Child Development AAS degree program. Individuals that pursue this accredited degree program will learn the skills and knowledge needed to positively and [...]