Associate of Applied Science in Office Management

Achieving an Associate of Applied Science in Office Management degree is a great accomplishment for many individuals interested in office administration. Students and professionals that plan to work in an office environment would greatly benefit from completing their Associate of Applied Science in office management. Individuals that complete their degree will be capable and qualified [...]

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix online has a number of college degrees and professional certifications for interested individuals. Some of their more appealing programs for people seeking careers in education include: · Master of Arts in Education · Master of Arts in Education – Administration and Supervision · Master of Arts in Education – Adult Education [...]

ITT School of Drafting

ITT Technical Institute has a great program called The School of Drafting and Design. The School of Drafting and Design provides a laboratory environment in which merges the principles of classroom theory and a practical hands-on drafting application using modern technologies and programs relevant to today’s job market and business needs. CAD, or computer-assisted drawing, [...]

ITT Technical Institute

Educators at ITT Technical Institute are committed to helping students and professionals develop the skills and knowledge to pursue education and career opportunities in some of today’s fastest growing industries. Some of theses fast growing career fields include: electronics, web development, computer programming, computer networking, computer drafting and design, criminal justice, business and health sciences. [...]

Transitioning to College

Every year thousands of high school graduates embark on their journey to college and adulthood. These students are faced with numerous potentially life-altering decisions that will help determine their future success and security. Sometimes these choices can be mesmerizing due to the number of choices they have including where to go to school, what courses [...]

07/18/2007…UC for Professionals

Utica College (UC) provides students and professionals with comprehensive and accredited college degrees and certifications. The have undergraduate, graduate and professional development courses designed to help students achieve their academic and professional goals. UC is a great place for employers to send their employees to gain knowledge and information that will help them continue to [...]


Utica College (UC) has an amazing online degree and certification program they call UticaOnline. Some of the programs offered through UticaOnline include: · B.S. Degree in Cybercrime and Information Assurance · B.S. Degree in Economic Crime Investigation · Financial Crimes Investigator Certificate · MBA Degree in Fraud Management · MBA in Professional Accountancy · M.S. [...]

UC Educators Lead by Example

In an encouraging turn of events, Utica College recently had some of their staff members earn a college degree. There is an old adage about leading by example and these educators have certainly applied that adage to their actions. According to the article titled “UC Faculty, Staff Earn Doctorates” by Amanda Damiano, “Sally Townsend, associate [...]

Florida Metropolitan University (FMU)

In addition to being accredited, all Florida Metropolitan University (FMU) campuses are members of the Career College Association. Undergraduate and graduate programs are approved by the Department of Homeland Security to enroll non-immigrant foreign students and by the Florida State Approving Agency for Veterans Training. Some of the courses offered at Florida Metropolitan University (FMU) [...]

Online Classes at FMU

Florida Metropolitan University (FMU) is one of many featured institutions referenced at This dynamic academic institution not only offers 10 campuses located throughout the State of Florida, it also offers a variety of online course curriculums for out of state students and professionals. Florida Metropolitan University’s campuses are located in Jacksonville, Tampa, Brandon, Orange [...]

Benefits of Online Education

In 2005 the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that the average individual with some college education earns about 19% more than a person who has only completed high school. With the huge increase in the number of colleges, universities and professional certification organizations offering a huge variety of accredited online courses, it is no wonder so [...]

One-Stop Searching also enables individuals to browse its college degree directory to find education and certification programs at many campuses and schools that offer accredited online degrees. Some of the degree programs mentioned include a variety of fields and areas of focus include but are not limited to education, criminal justice, healthcare, business administration and information [...] as a Destination

07/02/2007… as a Destination is a premier source for a wealth of college and university resources for individuals seeking to advance their education or career goals. It is a veritable one-stop source for people of all ages and education levels. channels individuals to the academic institution of their choice that is best suited [...]