Choosing a College

One of the most important decisions an individual will make in their lifetime is deciding which college or university to attend. There are many factors that go into this major decision including academic performance, location, degree programs offered and of course, cost. Generally colleges and universities tend to accept students that show an aptitude and [...]

Business Learning

At, students can find more information on some of the best online business degree courses available. Institutions offering business courses should provide students with useful knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of the businesses that operate within America’s free enterprise system. College business students should be capable of defining different kinds of businesses [...]

Learning on the Web

Many colleges and universities offer their students online accredited classes and degree programs. Most major colleges offer courses taught on the internet, or World Wide Web, through an established education delivery system that is user-friendly, simple and has been rated well. Generally, for these online classes students communicate with each other and their instructor through [...]

Campus Tragedy

Recent events involving unbelievably tragic shootings on high school and college campuses have made students, parents and education administrators completely re-evaluate the security preparedness at their respective academic institutions. Everyone suffers when tragedies like these occur and in reality, many campuses lack the security funding and manpower to ever fully protect students from random acts [...]

Brookdale Community College

Students should visit to get more information about Brookdale Community College. This competitive academic institution provides their students with accredited online college courses. Brookdale Community College offers what they refer to as Telecourses, which allow students to use their independent learning skills and utilize video over cable Television and the Internet to enhance the [...]

Taking Online Classes

Taking online college and university degree programs over the internet can help students and adults earn their degree while also managing their time and resources. Many individuals find themselves taking one or more college level courses online when their hectic schedules do not allow the time to attend a traditional classroom course. Some advocates of [...]

Top Undergraduate Business Programs

The institutions ranked as having the best business programs in the nation according to US News & World Report include: University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (Sloan), University of California–Berkeley (Haas) and University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. Costs for attending these institutions range from $35k to $46k per year including tuition, fees and room [...]

Top Ten Overall

This year, Princeton University, located in New Jersey, took the number one position in the US News & World Report’s annual rankings in “America’s Best Colleges” study. Some of the other contenders for the top position include well-known academic bastions like Harvard University, Yale University and Stanford University respectively. Harvard University came in a very [...]

America’s Best Colleges 2008

US News & World Report has recently released its annual review of “America’s Best Colleges 2008”. This comprehensive list is comprised of a bevy of sources and with in-depth metrics by industry professionals and administrators. The review covers a diverse range of criteria in determining the best academic institutions in particular areas. The review includes [...]

Textbook Frenzy

Students and parent have to deal with a lot of planning and logistics when students go to college. A common issue that comes up for newly enrolled college and university students is the cost of textbooks. With inflation and the already high cost of college textbooks, students and their parents are looking for alternative, less [...]

Roommate Compatibility

One of the hugest issues that occurs with college campus life, particularly dorm living, is also rarely mentioned or considered by first year college students. This huge issue pertains to roommate compatibility, which is hardly ever addressed until it’s too late or completely unbearable. Roommate compatibility can seriously influence the habits, success and performance of [...]

Why Use is practically an internet portal to information that will be of significant benefit to students and professionals seeking their college and university degrees and professional certifications. With categorized, career and degree specialties organized in a very logical and user-friendly format, busy individual swill not have to waste time browsing for long periods of time [...]

Study from Anywhere

Another advantage of today’s technologically advanced society is that students and professionals can take and complete accredited classes towards their college degrees or professional certifications from virtually any location in the world! These busy individuals only require a computer with internet access at their respective locations to take online college and professional courses. This opportunity [...]

AAS in Business Management – Child Development

Students and aspiring professionals often seek to obtain their AAS in Business Management – Child Development from accredited college degree programs. An AAS in Business Management – Child Development is a perfect degree program for those individuals that wish to work in child development fields. This degree enables individuals to work in managerial and supervisory [...]