Myth: I’m Not Smart Enough

The biggest obstacle to achieving anything and individual desires is self-doubt. Many individuals attribute the fact that they did not attend college to their low opinion of their academic capabilities. Many of these individuals may have struggled academically in their high school years or worse, let others negatively influence the individual’s decision to go to [...]

Aakers College Management Programs

Aakers College also offers many diverse accredited college-level management programs for students and professionals. These management oriented programs cover a wide range of fields and areas of study in a variety of industries. The key study courses include Business Management, Crime Management, Office Management and Information Systems Management. Business Management Programs Business Management BS and [...]

The Keller Graduate School of Management

The Keller Graduate School of Management is offering a variety of accredited classes for college degree and certification programs. The Keller Graduate School of Management is a subsidiary of DeVry University. The Keller Graduate School of Management provides high-quality graduate programs to their students. The Keller Graduate School of Management focuses on providing both the [...]

Get A Paralegal AAS Degree

Rasmussen College offers a stimulating accredited Paralegal AAS degree program that can be taken completely online. The program will prepare individuals to enter and succeed in the growing field law. Individuals interested in this degree program should be focused and detail-oriented, have the ability to communicate information and ideas clearly, enjoy substantial research, and possess [...]

Myth: I Can’t Afford to go to College

Probably the number one reason individuals say they do not pursue a college degree is that it’s too expensive. This excuse is false since a very large portion of college students rely on financial aid from the federal government or private funding agencies to help pay for their education. The federal government is constantly implementing [...]

College: Pro’s and Con’s

While there are many indisputable reasons for people to earn a college degree, there are also several reasons why some people may erroneously convince themselves not to attend college or a technical training institution. Realistically, these reasons are just self-imposed obstacles that should not get in the way of any individual obtaining a college education. [...]

Unfinished Business

Thousands of individuals are taking accredited classes at colleges, universities and professional certification and training centers around the country. These individuals come from all walks of life from recent high school graduates to seasoned executive managers to retirees. The great thing about education is that it is available in some form to everyone and it [...]

Bachelor of Science

FMU Online makes career training convenient and accessible. Our courses are tailored for working students and others who need a more flexible class schedule. FMU Online allows students to learn from home and offers the same well-respected curriculum available at our traditional campuses. Check out FMU’s list of Bachelor Degree Programs: Bachelor of Science in [...]

A Few Reasons To Go To College

Both students and their parents generally recognize the fact that students that attend college learn skills and knowledge that they will use for the rest of their lives. Indeed, many students probably agree that their college years are some of the most influential and formative times of their lives. There are not many places where [...]

Why Attain a College Degree

Researchers and specialist have compiled a massive amount of information supporting the benefits of individuals earning a college degree. Different sources may having different reasons for advocating higher education but they all must agree about the numerous positive aspects of having a degree versus not having one. In most cases, an individual’s income earning potential [...]

Earning a Helping Hand

The Department of Education has estimated that approximately half a million students would be able to qualify to receive Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grants. The Academic Competitiveness grants will provide college students who completed a rigorous course of study in high school with additional funds for their college education. Generally, students would receive up to [...]

Master of Information Systems (MIS) Degree

Students and professionals seeking a Master’s degree in Information Systems (MIS) should expect to receive thorough training on a variety of disciplines related to the field of expertise. Accredited colleges and universities offering accredited MIS courses should provide their enrollees with extensive knowledge and skills to prepare them for the real world application of what [...]


Many college and university students may not know the full importance of taking accredited classes. Accreditation is clearly the standard by which the vast majority of colleges, universities and professional training organizations try to maintain. Accreditation acts as a stamp of legitimacy for academic institutions, indicating a high standard of quality and reliability. There are [...]

Billions in Education Funding

College and university students, their parents and academic administrators were pleased with the 2006 budgeting decision of the Department of Education to make additional funds available for most, if not all, qualified Pell Grant recipients. Beginning July 1st 2006, eligible students could apply for the new grants known as the Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grants, [...]

Ellis College

The Ellis College of NYIT School of Arts & Sciences offers a wide variety of accredited degree and certificate programs for individuals interested in pursuing their preferred specific area of focus. Ellis College offers programs designed to prepare students for a wide assortment of career choices. These programs also provide students with the knowledge and [...]

Keeping up the Pace

College and university students in the United States face a very competitive future in the workplace. Many studies and specialists have tracked the graduation rates among college students from around the world and have surmised that American students are falling behind in graduation rates. Many attribute this to greater access to education through college degree [...]