Both undergraduate and graduate college students in the United States may re-submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help determine what kinds of federal student financial aid they are eligible to receive. These financial aid resources are usually in the form of grants, loans and work-study programs. Submitting the FAFSA also allows [...]

CHEA Recognition Standards

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation is an invaluable resource for a variety of individuals, students, organizations, government agencies, education administrators and businesses. The CHEA, in addition to a variety of activities and duties, primarily helps set and maintain the standards of higher education at academic institutions like colleges and universities. Academic organizations that wish [...]

Cost Savings of Online Classes

Taking online classes through an accredited college or other legitimate academic institution is a great way for people to work towards their college degree or professional certification goals. The popularity and availability of resources that provide these courses is steadily rising as soon as training facilities and colleges realize how much in demand these convenient [...]

Going to College

It is a great idea for college-bound high school students to visit colleges and universities they are interested in attending to help them get a better feel for the environment and surroundings they will likely experience if they enroll. Many parents of students accompany their young adults on these visits to make sure they are [...]

Side Effect of Online Classes

Another interesting side effect of ever-increasing college and university costs for students is the advent of online classes. In many cases high school graduates and existing college students feel that they do not have the financial resources to attend the college of their choice. In some cases however, those very same academic institutions offer online [...]

CHEA Highlights

Some of the key points that highlight the purposes and functions of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, an organization that focuses on accreditation for higher education institutions, are listed at their website CHEA.org include the following: Largest institutional higher education membership organization in the United States, with approximately 3,000 degree-granting colleges and universities. 60 [...]

Myth: I’m Not the College Type

An unfortunate reason some high school graduates don’t continue their education to the college level is the mistaken belief that they are not college material, or the right type of person to attend. First of all, colleges and university campuses across the country are generally microcosms of American society as a whole – the proverbial [...]

Why Accreditation Matters

Individuals seeking to enroll in college degree or professional certification courses should always limit their choices of academic institutions to those that are accredited. With so many diploma mills and other ill-reputed organizations promising fast diplomas and degrees, students need to be very aware of where the invest their time and money when it comes [...]


As the name denotes, AccreditedClasses.com provides internet users with a comprehensive resource for finding more information about online courses offered by accredited academic institutions. AccreditedClasses.com is targeted towards students and adults interested in continuing their college education. Interested individuals can rest assured that the academic institutions referenced on the main AccreditedClasses.com are all regionally accredited [...]

NSD – No Significant Difference

Emeritus of North Carolina University Thomas L. Russell wrote a very interesting and informative book titled, “The No Significant Difference Phenomenon”. This publication reports directly on the differences between online college courses and campus based courses. The conclusion of the book is that after exhaustive research and reference to 355 research reports is the there [...]

Advantages of Online College Degrees

Each year, thousands of students and professionals discover the many advantages of enrolling in an online accredited college or university to obtain their college degrees. Some of the most obvious and beneficial advantages of taking online accredited classes include: No commuting expenses, which saves both time and money No child or pet care services needed [...]

Obtaining Accreditation

There are several steps involved for a college, university or other academic institution to obtain accreditation. The process can take several years and can be quite expensive. The primary reason for obtaining accreditation is to assure students that the institution adheres to standards to provide a high quality level of education to their enrollees. Accreditation [...]

Accreditation and Standardization

Some believe that one of the reasons that there is such a wide disparity in the quality and delivery of education in the United States is that there is no centralized entity that determines a universal curriculum for all students to follow. In most cases, each state has oversight over its localities and are accountable [...]

CHEA and Accreditation

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)was founded in 1996 and made up of college, universities and other academic institutions capable of distributing college degrees. These organizations include traditional college and universities, private organizations, professional agencies and religion-based institutions. CHEA helps to monitors and regulate the level of education students receive from their respective academic [...]

Accredited Classes Scholarships and Grants Info

AccreditedClasses.com has a very informative web page for students, their parents and professionals to view information about some college scholarships and grants. With the rising costs of attending college, many students and their families require full or partial financial aid for the students to attend the college or university of their choice. In many cases, [...]