Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Individuals seeking to obtain their Master of Science in Chemical Engineering should first have an accredited bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering as well as any other academic prerequisites the particular institution they attend may have. This degree program is intended for people that are both serious and dedicated Chemical Engineering students. Chemical engineers apply their [...]

Earnings Comparisons

According to 2006 data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, there is certainly more than one reason for individuals to enroll in and complete college degree programs. Studies have found that annually, individuals with advanced degrees earn four times more than those without a high school diploma. The study showed that individuals 18 years of [...]

College Degree or Not

Earning a college degree is one of the fundamental goals of high school graduates. Earning a college degree in the industry or area of interest that most appeal to individuals not only helps increase their potential for becoming successful both economically and personally. While some families produce generations upon generations of college graduates, others help [...]

Employers and Reputability

Many job seekers discover that potential employers tend to hire those candidates that have obtained their college degrees from reputable and accredited academic institutions. With the prevalence of unknown, unproven and unregulated online college degree programs available these days, employers and recruiters prefer to have the small margin of comfort they get from knowing that [...]

University of Louisville

The University of Louisville issues a challenge loud and clear to potential and existing students, “Dare to be great!” This is a great approach to education and should be embraced by academic organizations around the world. Students at the University of Louisville can expect to receive a superior education at an accredited institution. The University [...]

Accredited Classes

College and university students, as well as professionals seeking continuing education can depend on the resources that can be found at This great resource provides people with a fast, simple and thorough destination to browse and choose to see more information about a huge number of educational institutions offering accredited classes. The information is [...]

Choosing Accredited Institutions

Individuals seeking to obtain a college degree or professional certification should always choose to take their courses at accredited institutions. By enrolling in classes at colleges, universities or professional certification that have accreditation, individuals practically have a guarantee that the institution they choose will provide them with a high quality educational program. There are some [...]

Hiring Trends

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) stated that employers that responded to their Job Outlook 2008 Fall Preview survey showed that they expect to hire 16% more new college graduates in 2007-08 than they hired in 2006-07. This would be the fifth year in a row that employers projected higher than 10% increases [...]

NACE’s Top Ten Degrees

According to a survey conducted by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the top ten college degrees in demand by employers are: Accounting Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Economic/Finance Computer Science Computer Engineering Marketing/Marketing Management Chemical Engineering Information Sciences and Systems The NACE is a highly respected and regarded organization. NACE researchers work very closely [...]

GCU Open to All

As stated on their website, “Grand Canyon University is an accredited university founded in 1949. It is one of the fastest growing private Christian universities in the country. We offer online education, online degree programs, campus based classes, MBA degree programs and an Executive MBA.” This fast growing university has strong roots in Christian values [...]

GCU, Just for You

Grand Canyon University (GCU), an featured institution, offers a wide variety of both online and campus-based classes to students and professionals pursuing their college degrees. GCU currently boasts a combined online and campus-based enrollment of 11,000 students. GCU also has also maintained six regional accreditations for it’s degree programs and the quality of educational [...]

Why Use AC? is a great destination for individuals looking for accredited college degree programs and professional certification programs. Both students and professionals will benefit from the top tier education and training provided by the organizations featured at Another great aspect of this dynamic and informative website is that it helps narrow down the search for [...]