High Level Professionals

With the increasing global demand for qualified science and technology workers and other high level professionals, many American businesses are encouraging their staff to return to college or to take business courses to continue their education. Other employers are taking employee enhancement one step further by implementing classes in the workplace or by forming partnerships [...]

FSEOG Grants

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are provided by the federal government, as the name suggests, to college students in need of financial assistance. FSEOG grants are awarded to qualified undergraduate students that have demonstrated that they have exceptional financial need. Federal Pell Grant awardees generally get higher priority for FSEOG awards. FSEOG grants are [...]

College Degree or Professional Certification for Employees

Researchers have found that one of the most important factors to employee satisfaction is having a supportive work environment. According to studies conducted in 1995, businesses in the United States invested over $55 billion on staff education and enrichment. This is a substantial investment into a company’s future growth and success. Many people may believe [...]

Bachelor’s in Education at GCU

Grand Canyon University is offering a great selection of Bachelor’s degree programs for students and educator’s. These programs are designed with the academic professional in mind. Students just getting into the field will learn advanced and up to date techniques for delivering high quality education to their students once the enter the workplace. These programs [...]

Health Information Technology

Students and professionals seeking careers in health information technology will find that they are in a rewarding and profitable field. While there are several positions and specialties individuals can pursue in the fast-growing field. Most health information technology professionals learn a wide variety of skills that would also be applicable in any business or technology [...]

Education Specialist (EdS) degree

Capella University is now offering an excellent Education Specialist (EdS) online degree program. This highly sought after degree was implemented for advanced educators that want to pursue careers in the administration or management of academic institutions or school districts. Generally, an Education Specialist (EdS) degree is taken by educators that have completed there Master’s degree [...]

The Importance of Accredited Classes

Students, professors and academic administrators should always be sure that their educational institutions offer accredited classes for their college degree and professional certification programs. Accreditation help guarantee an acceptable and recognized level of education for a given course curriculum. It is a disservice to college students for educators to provide them with any less than [...]

Making the Right Choice

Making the right choice when choosing what college or university to attend, can make a huge difference in the direction and success a student will experience as they become established in their careers. By attending an accredited college or university, students are guaranteed a high standard of quality in the education they receive. An individual [...]

Employer Sponsored Education Programs

Everyone involved in employee enrichment and education programs benefits from the transaction. More and more companies and organizations are offering their staff members the opportunity to pursue college degrees, professional certifications or specialized training at the company’s expense. Some of the most obvious ways that each party benefits from employee education programs are as follows: [...]

Criminal Justice Education

There are many directions students and professionals can choose from in the criminal justice field. Careers in criminal justice range from district attorneys to corrections officers. Each of these positions plays a very important role in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Generally, the more educated an individual is, the higher up the criminal [...]


AccreditedClasses.com provides a convenient and comprehensive directory of some of the most respected and well-known accredited colleges and universities in the country. AccreditedClasses.com provides a lot of information to students to help them determine where to enroll in either campus or online college courses. AccreditedClasses.com can help guide individuals to obtaining their associate’s degree, bachelor’s [...]

Getting Financial Aid

Financial aid is a very high priority for the majority of new and existing college students. In fact, many college students base their decision on where to attend college on how much financial aid will be available to them at enrollment time. Normally the level of competition in an industry helps keep costs low but [...]

Continuing Education Programs

Employers that support and encourage employee continuing education programs often reap the rewards of their efforts. Smart, forward-thinking companies know the value of a highly trained and highly motivated workforce. By encouraging continued education and professional development, employers not only empower their staff, they also benefit from increased loyalty and the ability to promote individuals [...]

Health Care Administration Online Degree Programs

While there are many specialties in the Health Care Administration industry, most students that are currently enrolled or have completed their accredited degree programs will have a wide array of knowledge and skills. Students and professionals taking health care administration courses will learn extensively about applicable laws, finance, health care economics, management, human anatomy, human [...]

Master of Business Administration in Accounting

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration in Accounting degree requires extensive and often difficult course completion. This degree program requires students to learn a wide array of business and accounting skills, principles and techniques. This Master of Business Administration (MBA) program will prepare students and even accounting professionals for rewarding careers in advanced accounting and [...]

Emergency Management Certificate in Public Safety

Individuals interested in getting an Emergency Management Certificate in Public Safety should visit AccreditedClasses.com to find out more information about how to obtain this exciting certification. Individuals will need to complete the following three courses to complete this certification. Emergency Planning and Management This course is designed to teach students the planning and management processes [...]

All About Accreditation

There are 6 regional accrediting agencies that are responsible for determining which colleges and universities receive accreditation. These accrediting agencies are each responsible for determining accreditation worthiness within their specific geographic area – New England, North Central States, Middle States, Northwest States, Southern States, and Western States. When choosing which colleges and universities will receive [...]

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degrees

Now is a great time for college students and educators to pursue their education degree. Due to increasing pressure from federal and state agencies for educators to maintain the highest level of qualifications and standards, many educators are taking both online and on-campus degree courses to help obtain their degrees and certifications. Grand Canyon University, [...]

Computer Software Engineer

With over 288 billion people in the United States alone, an astounding number of adults use computers, over 70% according to InfoPlease.com, there is no wonder why Computer Software Engineers are in great demand. Every program, application and internet tool was created by a Software Engineer. Most of these professionals have obtained at least a [...]

A Productive Holiday Break

College and university students across the United States are getting settled back into their academic routines after the holidays. Many students took full advantage of their holidays by spending time with their families and friends and recuperating from a busy school year. Some students however, spent their spare time studying and working on the college [...]