Achieve Your Career Goals with an AAS in Medical Assistant

If you see yourself having a career in the medical industry, you might as well consider getting an AAS in Medical Assistant. With this program, you will be instructed on how to carry out administrative and clinical functions effectively, manage medical records meticulously, and even be in charge with billing duties on top of all [...]

Step Up the Corporate Ladder with an AAS in Computer Information Technology

You can step up the corporate ladder with an AAS in Computer Information Technology. Computer information technologists will even be more in demand in the coming years, with available positions predicted to outnumber the potential graduates in the near future. You can find a promising career in web development and design, database administration and maintenance, [...]

Get Employed after Getting an AAS in Massage Therapy

The program of AAS in Massage Therapy is designed for individuals who want to be skilled in the principles and applications of therapeutic massage. Students of this program will normally be instructed on human anatomy, physiology, fundamental and advanced massage therapy, and even arts and sciences and mathematics. Therapeutic massage is normally done to prevent, [...]

Taking Up an AAS in Medical Transcription

With regards to taking up an AAS in Medical Transcription, you can either attend regular classes or earn this associate’s degree online. Whichever way it is, this program is directed at individuals who want to make a career out of assisting physicians in transcribing medical dictations into complete and meticulous documents for evaluation and filing [...]

Manage Data Effectively with an AAS in Information System Management

Taking advantage of the AAS in Information System Management is an excellent way to land a technology management or office supervision profession in the government or the private sector after graduation. As a student of this management course, you will be instructed on the principles of business and the various computer applications and data processing [...]

AAS in Criminal Justice

If you are looking forward to a career in crime scene investigation, law, or state-run and privately owned police agencies, then getting an AAS in Criminal Justice will materialize your career goals for you. The program in Criminal Justice involves the instruction on proper evaluation and analysis on crimes, criminals and lawbreakers, and the prevalent [...]

Getting your AAS in Child Development

The Associates Degree Program in Child Development is a career oriented program of study that allows students after graduation to enter a variety of positions in the fields of child care, early childhood education, special education, child and family social services and/or counseling as well as allows the students to pursue higher coursework in the [...]

Completing a Program in AAS in Health Information Technician

Within two years’ time, anyone can finish AAS in Health Information Technician. This program is developed for individuals who are interested in making a profession in the health care and health information industry after graduation. With the Health Information Management program, students are trained in various skills typically demanded by a career in health information. [...]

Get Ahead with an AAS in Business Management

The Associates Degree Program in Business Management is a career-oriented program of study that allows students after graduation to enter into a variety of positions in business, industry, social services and government as well as prepares the student to pursue advanced coursework in Business Management. The associates program gives you training for in-demand career options [...]

Take up an AAS in Accounting and be an Accountant

The Associates Degree Program in Accounting allows students to enter after completion of the program a variety of jobs in the field of accounting. High-quality accounting services are very much in demand nowadays as the success of any business now depends upon qualified and competent accountants. The AAS in Accounting Degree program familiarizes you with [...]

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in psychology will give students expert insight into the subjects of clinical psychology and organizational psychology. Psychology students are in great demand as counselors in educational institutions, large organizations and within law enforcement agencies. Individuals with Psychology PhDs also get jobs as professors in major universities and colleges. To obtain [...]

Keller Graduate School of Management

Keller Graduate School of Management aims at fostering student learning through high quality career oriented graduate programs in Business Management. Without proper business management, running a business would be chaotic. Proper business management ensures that all components and departments of a business function in harmony. The Keller Graduate School of Management has courses in business [...]

AA in Information Technology

An Associate of Arts Degree in Information Technology requires about 35 credit hours of study. On campus and online programs are offered by many universities and technical education institutions. Subjects included in the curriculum include programming, data storage, legal and ethical issues of information technology, business strategy, managing computer networks, troubleshooting, maintenance and installation of [...]

AA in Health Administration

An Associate of Arts degree in Health Administration leads to a fulfilling career for the graduate. Hospitals and health care facilities are co-coordinated in the same manner as traditional industries. The degree is available both on line and on campus and requires up to 60 credit hours of study. Careers available for graduates who possess [...]

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree on campus or online opens many career avenues to the student. Career avenues for persons qualifying for a bachelor of science in criminal justice are homeland security, Police officers, customs officers, criminal investigators, Correct ions, parole or probation, office wardens,, security investigators, The FBI, The CIA, [...]

Utica College Online Degrees

Utica College offers many areas of study in its online degree programs. Upon program completion, the actual degree is granted by Syracuse University. Books and course materials are made available through the internet and student interaction is achieved through online discussion forums. Undergraduate online degree programs are offered in Accounting, Business, English, Education, History, Liberal [...]

English Literature Degree Programs

Hundreds of accredited colleges and universities offer both on campus and online degrees in English Literature. English has become the global language of business communication. It is estimated that nearly one-third of the globe speaks English and this factor has contributed to the popularity of English Literature as an area of study for students. For [...]

Benefits of Evening Classes

Evening classes benefit people who want an education but work full time or have personal responsibilities that prevent them from attending classes during conventional hours. Attending evening classes can help a person obtain a degree to boost career and life changes. Evening classes at local colleges can also benefit students who do not wish to [...]

Convenience of Online Degrees

Time, money and commuting constraints often posed hurdles to obtaining conventional campus degrees for many. Online education has truly helped individuals earn their degrees in a convenient manner. Online degrees are beneficial to people with unique problems that prevent them from attending conventional classes to obtain degrees. People with special needs and disabilities, parents with [...]