Getting a Massage Therapy Certificate from Rasmussen College

If you plan on working in a spa or in a massage clinic, you should consider getting a Massage Therapy certificate from Rasmussen College. Today, massage therapy is a continually growing profession, and many individuals have already gained profitable employment from this career. Massage is often essential in stress relief and in helping people achieve [...]

Local vs. Out of State Colleges: Pros and Cons

Before you enroll yourself in your chosen college, it is essential that you weigh your choices carefully. This includes taking a good look at the pros and cons of attending local and out of state colleges. You may opt to stay in your current state and enroll yourself in a local state college, but you [...]

A Look at the Degrees for HR Professionals

Those who are searching for degrees for HR professionals can choose from a variety of associates and bachelor’s degrees. For the bachelor’s degrees, there is a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources. This will allow you to take general subjects and elective courses in HR. You can [...]

Getting a Child Care Specialist Certification

If you want to have a career that involves children, you can choose to get a Child Care Specialist Certification. These specialists often work in a variety of settings, such as schools, pre-schools, day care centers, in children’s homes and even within their own residences. Child care specialists are not merely responsible for the education [...]

Stages of Education in the United States Pre-K to PhD

There are traditionally implemented stages of education in the United States Pre-K to PhD, although in other countries like Singapore and Norway, the stages could vary remarkably. In the US, there are basically 12 grades, and are indicated in an ordinal manner, such as first grade, second grade, and so on. However, kindergarten education is [...]

Why Do Some Employers Offer Tuition Reimbursement

Many people take full advantage of a practice that is exercised at many companies. Some wonder why only some employers offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. In today’s globally competitive marketplace, many companies value workers who are not only industrious but highly-educated as well. Well-qualified and experienced employees are actually valued as assets in any [...]

Online Degree Programs For Soldiers Stationed Abroad

The benefits of online degree programs for soldiers stationed abroad are wide-ranging. For instance, online programs are convenient and can be accessed straight from an Internet-ready PC. Soldiers and military personnel need not concern themselves with the attendance of an actual class, especially since they are normally deployed to various stations all over the country. [...]

Checking Out Capella University Courses

If you are planning to take online classes, you can choose from a range of Capella University courses at their website. Capella University was founded so that students and adult learners may have the opportunity to complete their education from any location. The courses offered at Capella are undergraduate studies, certificate programs, Master’s degrees and [...]

Online Classes, Almost Recession-Proof

With the current economic downturn affecting the number of enrollees at colleges and universities, online classes are emerging as almost recession-proof. People still use the Internet for information, products and services even when they seem to have curbed their spending habits. Browsing the web is convenient and hassle-free, plus shoppers get to try out bonuses [...]

How To Transfer To A 4-Year From A 2-Year College

Students who plan on graduating with a 4-year college degree may want to know how to transfer to a 4-year from a 2-year college. Many students actually begin their college education by taking courses to get an Associate’s degree. After finishing a 2-year course, most students can decide whether they want to start finding a [...]

Options On How To Find College Funding

Many students are on the lookout to find college funding, especially with the soaring costs of getting a college education. One of the most effective options is to apply for scholarships from various colleges and universities, as well as government-sponsored and private organizations. However, there could be tight requirements regarding scholarships, including excellent grades, participation [...]

Effectively Avoiding Diploma Mills

If you pursue an online education, you need to know the most effective ways to avoid diploma mills. Diploma mills are often online schools that basically distribute illegitimate degrees, diplomas and certifications. They are in existence for the sole purpose of collecting money from their enrollees, and providing insufficient education through minimal classes. There are [...]

Elderly And People With Disabilities Getting Degrees

With the continually advancing technology in obtaining degrees nowadays, the number of elderly and people with disabilities getting degrees is also on the rise. Online education, distance learning, and other convenient means of studying have made getting a college education more accessible to older adults and to disabled individuals. Continuing education or adult education is [...]

College Stats: Men Compared To Women

A new update on college statistics shows that the female population when compared to men is significantly higher in terms of college attendance. It has been discovered that women tend to work much harder in school, striving more to maintain high GPA’s and grading sheets. According to the statistics gathered by the Department of Education, [...]