Why Choose Accredited Schools?

Educational accreditation involves the process of quality assurance on the programs offered by specific educational institutions. Accrediting agencies can either be from both the regional or national level. There are specific standards that schools and colleges should meet to qualify for accreditation. When these requirements are met by the school, an accredited status is given [...]

How Having a Degree Can Influence Your Future

With more and more people dropping out of college due to budget constraints, and the reduction of available financial aid, a lot of students are hesitant to pursue getting a college degree. Some individuals are quick to assume that a high school diploma is enough, and that with sufficient industriousness, anyone can make it to [...]

Deciding Which School to Attend

Most students who have just finished high school are already deciding on which school to attend to complete their college education. Perhaps it will help if you try to examine first which degree you are planning to obtain. You can try to check which out-of-state or in-state college offers a degree in the field of [...]

University of Phoenix Offers Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

If you want to take on a leadership position in your chosen organization, the University of Phoenix offers a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree. This doctoral degree is offered to individuals who have already completed their master’s degrees in organizational leadership. If you feel that you are at a stand-still in your current [...]

Tips for Students During the Economic Downturn

With the dire consequences of the global financial crisis affecting working professionals and students alike, any tips for students during the economic downturn can prove helpful for college enrollees. One of the best tips for students during these hard economic times is to look for a good college. There are many options for less expensive [...]

Working Your Way Through College

If you plan on working your way through college in an efficient manner, it is important that you learn how to manage both your budget and your time effectively. Prior to attending college however, you need to choose the degree you believe suits your skills an inclinations best. Depending on your schedule and the amount [...]

Understanding the State of College Education

The state of college education has drastically changed compared to the previous decades. Gone are the days when campus-based learning was the only option for students who planned on attending college classes. Today, students can attend classes from home, from work or even while traveling. College education delivered through the web has allowed a wide [...]

Employers Check Applicant Educational Backgrounds

When applying for any job post, you need to understand that employers may check applicant educational backgrounds. Even though as an applicant, you may include certifications, diplomas and transcripts of records in your job application documents, companies typically use tracking services in order to check whether the information you have provided are actually true and [...]

Why You Need to Get a College Degree

During these troubled economic times, many students are being forced to drop out of college. The rising costs of a college education plus the growing miscellaneous expenses like books and fuel have all contributed to the difficulty in getting a college degree. However, there are still many reasons why you should get a college degree. [...]

Ways To Avoid Diploma Mill Scams

With the introduction of online education, even more of the notorious diploma mills have begun cropping up as well. Diploma mills are actually fake colleges or pseudo-academic institutions disguising as legitimate schools simply for the sake of making easy profit. If you want to avoid these infamous scams, you need to first be aware of [...]

Breaking With Tradition: Online Classes

Although traditional campus-based classes are still pretty much the norm, many schools and students are breaking tradition by participating in convenient and affordable online classes. The best thing about online classes is that career-driven individuals can complete their chosen degrees without having to quit their day jobs. If you choose to work while taking courses [...]

Understanding the Steps to College Admissions

Before enrolling in the college or university of your choice, you need to first familiarize yourself with the steps involved in the college admissions process. After graduating from high school, or even before graduation, you need to explore your various options beforehand. Students should determine which degrees they should consider. They will need to know [...]

Brookdale College Offers Medical Transcription Certificate

Recently, Brookdale Community College expanded the programs through which its students can acquire certifications for the field of work that they want to pursue as their professional careers. Largely in response to the success of the college’s medical coding program, Brookdale College began offering Medical Transcription Certificates to those who wished to be certified by [...]

Graduate of Network and Communications Management at Keller University

In many countries, a career in communications technology usually equates to being involved in one of the fastest growing local industries or companies. Individuals who want a career in communications technology, or advance in it, should definitely pursue further education to strengthen their skills and qualifications. One such certification or graduate program is the Graduate [...]

Online Advertising Degree Programs

Online Advertising degree programs are available for individuals who want to take advantage of the glamorous nature of the advertising industry as well as the lucrative nature of the field. The salary for advertising professionals has been estimated by the Bureau of Labor to average at least $50,400 annually. Through online programs, individuals can pursue [...]

Obtain a CompTIA Linux+ from Valencia Enterprises

Industry trends have dictated the necessity of well-trained individuals in a variety of computer operating systems and networking environments. For instance, the growth and popularity of the alternative operating system, Linux, has created a need for professionals skilled not only in the Microsoft platform, but also in the Linux OS platform as well. You can [...]

Why Schools Offer Accredited Online Degrees

Thanks to the increased popularity of online degree programs, many more adults and students are opting to achieve their academic goals over the internet. All legitimate colleges, universities and other academic institutions usually offer accredited online degree courses to students and professionals. Online programs are able to resolve some of the basic obstacles that stand [...]

President Obama’s Plan for Higher Education

President Barack Obama won the American elections running on the slogan, “Change we need”. Part of this change now includes the realization of President Obama’s Plan for Higher Education. One of the key platforms includes investing in early education. His zero-to-five plan consists of giving support to parents and their children, so that these children [...]

How Investing in a Students Education Benefits Everyone

Few people appreciate how investing in a student’s education benefits everyone. In fact, investing in the education of a student or in educational institutions is often an underrated form of investment. The truth of the matter is that investing in students equates in investing in the future, largely because these students will compose the future [...]

Can High School students take online college courses?

High school students looking to maximize their time in school often want to earn credits for college while they are finish their high school diploma. But can high school students take online college courses for college credits? It is possible, based on what you call dual enrollment. Dual enrollment is a program that has been [...]