Overview of The University of Phoenix’s Graduate Accounting Certificate

The Graduate Accounting Certificate at the University of Phoenix is for students to develop or enhance their accounting and financial management skills. These skills are necessary to function within businesses, non-profit organizations and various public agencies. This program is also for those students who wish to develop the necessary skills in audition, taxes, information systems, [...]

Stop Making Excuses and Study Online

If you would like to further your education but do not feel that you have the time to attend classes, why not consider furthering your education online? Many professionals feel ‘stuck’ in their current careers and would like to take courses that will open more doors, but do not feel that they have the time [...]

How to Become a Computer Network Engineer

If you’d like to become a computer network engineer, you should first obtain your bachelor’s degree in either computer science or engineering. If possible, take advanced level math classes, as math is very much involved in the job. The next logical step is to enroll in a certified program that is specifically geared to give [...]

Overview of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business-Public Administration

In order to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Business-Public Administration, you must study a variety of topics related to the field including: the foundations of public administration, public policy formulation, program development, implementation and valuation, human resources and labor relations, and public finance. You must prove that you have the skills that are [...]

Earn a Health Care Certificate Online

Earning a health care certificate is a great way to sharpen your skills in the health care field, which will open more doors for you in your field of expertise. You will be able to advance within your current career and bolster your credentials. Many health care professionals would like to enrich their skills by [...]

It’s Never Too Early For High School Students to Prepare for College

We all know the importance of obtaining a higher education. It is important that high school-aged children are prepared for college. A college education is basically essential for young adults. People with college educations have a greater chance of finding a career that pays well and is secure. Most colleges and universities require that their [...]

How Struggling Colleges and Universities can Survive by Offering Online Classes

Today’s economic turmoil is far-reaching. Colleges and universities are not immune from the economic woes facing our economy. By offering online classes, some of the higher institutions of learning that are struggling may be able to keep their heads above water, so to speak. Many students in the United States simply cannot afford to go [...]

How Distance Learning Got Its Start

Learning from a distance, or distance learning as it is often referred to, is a means of getting an education remotely, meaning the student and the instructor do not have to be in the same place as one another in order for the learning experience to take place. Students and teachers have been engaged in [...]

Checking out Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

If you plan on working in the criminal justice sector but want a program that fits into your schedule conveniently, you can always choose to take online criminal justice degree programs. Criminal justice is an expansive field that helps communities and societies control and prevent crime. Therefore, it is important for any criminal justice professional [...]

Choosing a School for Management

When it comes to choosing a school for management or business management courses, there are a few things you need to consider. Students are now faced with extensive options in terms of business management education. Many universities are offering management courses, certification, and degrees, while you can also find strictly business schools that provide specialized [...]

How to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Information Security at Keller

If you want to know how to obtain a graduate certificate in Information Security at Keller, you should first be able to complete six important courses. This allows you to transfer your information security certificate into a graduate certificate, even when you decide to do so only at a later date. You can apply for [...]

Why Students Should Treat College like a Job

There are many reasons why students should treat college like a job. Many students seem to think that going to college is not as important as getting hired in a high-paying job. Some individuals make the assumption that getting a high school diploma is enough for them to secure a stable career. While there are [...]

Ways to Improve Your Grade Point Average

If you have been suffering from bad grades lately, there are several proven and effective steps you can take in order to improve your grade point average. The first important step is to take a look at your assignments, projects, and examination results. Then you should ask yourself which areas have been the most difficult [...]

Valuable Tips When Hiring a Tutor

If you think your child is having a difficult time in school coping with educational requirements, perhaps it is time to consider hiring a tutor. Before hiring a tutor, you must first determine what your child’s needs are and what terms are acceptable for your family in order to ensure a proper match. First and [...]

Careers in Demand during a Recession

With the global financial crisis affecting the financial status of many businesses and employers, people are already out looking for careers in demand during a recession. When a country is in a recession period, people tighten their belts and tend to spend less on luxuries. However, even in a recession period, people are still quick [...]

Allocate time for studying into your schedule

If you are currently a full-time or a part-time student, it is important for you to allocate time for studying into your schedule. While getting an education does not merely involve being dedicated to your studies, it is nonetheless important to commit to a studying schedule. This allows you to have a routine studying time, [...]

What is eLearning?

If you are still in the dark as to what defines the term eLearning, it refers to the manner of learning or education which can be acquired through computer, whether through software, Intranet, or Internet, and allows students to study anytime, and at any place. eLearning provides students with the opportunity to study at their [...]

How High School Students Can Prepare for College

The transition from high school to college is not something that every high school graduate looks forward to. Going to college is a whole new experience that can seem daunting to any teenager. However, there are effective ways that high school students can prepare for college. First of all, it is important to prepare for [...]

Completing a Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications at Keller

If you want to develop the skills necessary to become a wireless communications professional, you will find the perfect course being offered at the Keller Graduate School of Management. The Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications at Keller is designed for students who wish to learn the basics in wireless system management, wireless applications and wireless [...]

Online Degree Programs Available at Utica College

If you are currently balancing work and school, you probably occasionally experience time management problems. This explains why many students and professionals are searching for reliable online schools. Getting a degree online is definitely less time demanding and more convenient for most people. Online degree programs available at Utica College are offered to anyone meeting [...]