Turning Your College Major into A Career

If you are in college and have finally decided what you will be majoring in, Keep in mind that this important decision will likely dictate the path you take for your career. Most of your hard work will be devoted to the subject you chose, although you will also take several general education classes as [...]

Student Stresses & Creative Strategies

Test time in public schools is a very stressful time for students from the grade school level all the way through college. High School students who set their sights on a college degree are trying to get adequate test scores so that they are admitted to the college of their choice are feeling the pressure. [...]

Attending College with the Help of College Summit

A United States government survey has shown that a person who has obtained a college degree earns one million dollars more in his lifetime compared to the person who only has a high school diploma. That is a significant amount of money. How does a student go about getting into college? How hard is it [...]

Means by Which You can Pay for Your College Education

Attending college is certainly not cheap, and most students are trying to find assistance. There is financial aid and scholarship help, but there are a few more creative ways that can help you pay for your college degree program. Applying for a local scholarship is less competitive than national scholarship programs and you have a [...]

Be On the Lookout for Fake Diplomas

Earning a college degree online is becoming very popular. It is convenient, and by working online students are offered flexible schedules and lower prices. If you are thinking of earning your college degree online, be warned that there are scams out there—you do not want to earn a fake diploma after putting forth hours of [...]

Some Advice Regarding Earning Your College Degree

We all know that it is beneficial to earn a college degree and that the best jobs are attained by attending college. However, four-year college degree programs may be overrated and many people think that the two-year technical colleges are being overlooked. Careers within the massage therapy and dental hygiene fields offer financial security, and [...]

Tips for Taking Online Classes

If you are thinking about obtaining an online education because the idea of working on your education from home appeals to you, there are a few things to consider that will help you succeed. You should make a schedule and stick to it. You should print off a calendar with all of your assignments and [...]

DeVry Offers a Masters in Project Management (MPM) Program

Statistics prove that a master’s degree holder earns over $11,000 more annually than those who only have a bachelor’s degree. At DeVry University, you can earn a master’s degree and keep your job as you are earning it. Project management is very important to top companies and DeVry’s program can assist you in developing the [...]

It is Never Too Late to Change Your Career By Getting A Degree

If you are middle-aged and contemplating returning to school to get a degree, rest assured that it is never too late to earn a college degree. Perhaps you have a hard time climbing out of bed every morning knowing that you have to go to that same old, boring job you have had for years. [...]

Top Companies Require College Degrees

In our capitalist society, competition is the key to survival. If you are well-educated and can out-perform the other guy, you will get ahead in this world. In order to land a well paying job, you most certainly will need to earn a college degree. The competition is cutthroat in the job market and if [...]

Obtaining Your Business Degree with an Accounting Concentration

Obtaining a business degree with an Accounting concentration is a very useful endeavor, since the skills you learn can be applied in a wide variety of careers. You will obtain the training and knowledge necessary to excel in either public, private, non-profit or government careers. Some of the more common job titles you will be [...]

High School Counselors Can Help You Find The Right College

If you are in high school and are planning on attending college, your high school counselor is a valuable resource that can help you to choose the right college. High school counselors are specially trained to be able to guide and help you decide what type of college degree you are suited for. The counselor [...]

Taking Time Off From Your College Studies Can Delay Your Degree

It is common for students to take a break from their college studies. College is stressful and demanding, so many students choose to take a break from their pursuit of earning their college degree. It may not be the best idea to take time off from college, because missing just one year could cost you [...]

Earn a Bachelors Degree in Operations Management from AIU Online

AIU has a college degree program that allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management. Nearly every industry employs operations managers and according to the Department of Labor in the United States, some of the most well-paid executives in the country work in this particular employment field. You must have a good business [...]

How to Avoid Enrolling in Non-Accredited Colleges

Making sure that the school you plan on attending is an accredited institution is a vital part of choosing a college. You will be spending a lot of money working toward your college degree, so you want to be certain that your school of choice is legitimate. You can verify if a school is accredited [...]

Diploma Mills are Not A Good Idea

A diploma mill is a business that makes money by pretending to be a legitimate college or university. This type of business will pose as a school and will reward degrees without the student having to do any work, or very little work, to earn the degree. This type of scam makes money by selling [...]

Career Opportunities for Bachelor’s (BIT) Computer Forensics Holders

If you are about to finish a Bachelor’s program in Computer Forensics, or if you are considering enrolling in this type of college degree, you should be aware of your opportunities for employment once you finish your schooling. The information technology field is one of the fastest growing fields these days, and that trend is [...]

AIU’s Online Bachelor’s Degree in Network Administration

AIU offers an online education bachelor’s degree program in network administration. Businesses all over the world are now incorporating computer networks into their day-to-day operations to simplify tasks and increase the efficiency of the business. AIU has an outstanding online bachelor’s degree program in Information Technology. This online education program offers a curriculum that focuses [...]