College Savings Programs At Risk for Running Out of Money

The state-supported savings programs that were designed to assist Tennessee families to cover the rising cost of college tuition are being hit hard by the poor economy, and there is one that could go bankrupt within the next ten years. The savings plans or prepaid tuition programs have been used by thousands of families in [...]

The U.S. Education Secretary Says to Judge Teacher on How Students Do

Teachers should not be judged only on test scores, but should be judged on the performance of their students, says Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Duncan is an advocate for teachers receiving merit pay, a highly controversial practice that links raises or bonuses to how well the students succeed. Merit pay bonuses are opposed by many [...]

Texas A&M President Does Poorly in First Evaluation

The president of Texas A&M University Elsa Murano scored low marks for her leadership and management duties in a very critical performance review that was released on Thursday by officials at A&M. Murano is the first female and the first Hispanic president the university has had in its 132 year history and she scored the [...]

Kentucky Sees A Rise In High School Graduation Rates

The state of Kentucky’s public schools continue to show improvement according to a recent report that was released. The high school graduation rates are on the incline in Kentucky as this rate has improved by nine percentage points between the years 1996 and 2006. The Kentucky schools were equal to or exceeded the national averages [...]

PLUS Loans

Professional degree students as well as graduates are now eligible to borrow money under the PLUS Loan Program. Money many be borrowed up to the cost of attendance minus other financial assistance in the Direct Loan Program and the FFEL. There are certain terms and conditions which apply to Parent PLUS Loans and these same [...]

More Education = More Opportunities

Study after study proves that if you continue your education after high school, you are much more likely to make more money than people who do not earn a college degree. For example, a college grad can afford to purchase a large flat-screen TV in just two months while a high school grad may have [...]

Online Degree Programs in Public Relations

If you like to work with people, can communicate effectively and can handle stressful situations, a college degree in public relations could very well be ideal for you. All types of businesses use highly skilled public relations professionals such as public relation firms, nonprofit agencies, government agencies and schools. You can obtain this degree through [...]

Online Accounting Degree Programs

There are numerous degree programs online in the accounting field, giving you plenty of options to choose from. It is more important than ever to continue your education in this field considering all of the recent corporate scandal. The demand for talented and educated account professionals is growing. Consider obtaining a college degree as a [...]

Great Tips for Community College Students

Attending community college these days is very popular. Nearly half of all college students in the U.S. are now enrolled in one. Barack Obama has announced a new community college initiative that is designed to boost federal government funding for community colleges and increase the number of students that enroll in community colleges. If you [...]

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Business/Hospitality Management

The University of Phoenix offers a Bachelor of Science in Business/Hospitality Management that is designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and values to apply business principles in an organizational setting. Students will examine the areas of accounting, decision making, finance, business law, marketing, organizational skills as well as research, evaluation and technology. The [...]

Nursing is One of the Fastest Growing Professions

In the U.S. alone, there are over two million jobs for nurses and this profession is one of the ten careers that is expected to have the largest number of openings in the years to come. If you are looking at a way to expand your horizons and help people, nursing can fulfill that dream [...]

Is Grad School Something For You?

If you are thinking about going to graduate school, but are not quite sure yet if it is something you truly want to do, this article is for you. Attending graduate school is not something you should do just because you have nothing else to do with your time. You do not necessarily need an [...]

Funding Your College Education

For students who wish to earn a college degree in education, the U.S. Congress created TEACH or Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education grant program that provides grants up to four thousand dollars per year to students who want to teach in a private or a public elementary or secondary school that teaches [...]

Explore Southwest Florida College Education Programs

At Southwest Florida College, students are prepared for careers in educating the next generation for a lifetime of success. The school offers exciting education programs in such topics as early childhood care and management, elementary education and early childhood education. If you are considering earning a college degree in the field of education, take a [...]

Advantages To Attending Pepperdine University

Employers around the country know that MBAs earned from Pepperdine have the advantages of a top education coupled with the know-how to make an immediate impact on a career. As a graduate from Pepperdine, you benefit from the school’s esteemed reputation to help open doors for your future. Pepperdine’s MBA programs are recognized for quality [...]

Respiratory Therapy Program at California College San Diego

Respiratory therapy is becoming one of the fastest growing occupations and will continue to be so through the year 2014 according to the U.S. government. If you are thinking of earning a college degree, a bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy ensures that you will have access to positions with the highest salaries and greatest opportunities [...]