Need Last Minute Financial Aid?

Even if the deadline is near to let colleges know your intentions, this does not mean that you cannot receive financial aid. There are means by which you can obtain money to help you earn that college degree. A student loans is the smartest way to pay for college. The payment are deferred until after [...]

How Savings Clubs Can Supplement a College Fund

Upromise and BabyMint are two college savings clubs that offer a way to use your everyday purchases to save money for college. If you spend money at the companies that are affiliated with the program, these companies will deposit a percentage of the purchase price into a college fund for you. You can accumulate rebates [...]

Great Companies To Work For After Graduation

Now that you have earned your college degree you may be feeling a bit uneasy about your future. You begin to worry about paying back student loans, what step to take next and establishing a working life after college. Since last year, the number of college grads being hired has declined and starting salaries also [...]

How to Manage Your Money While In College

If you are a student, perhaps you have not seriously taken a look at your financial picture. If you have not started to make money, your focus is probably on your school work and having fun. It is however, important to take these times seriously as the mistakes you make while earning your college degree [...]

The Five Best Paying Bachelor’s Degrees

No one can argue the fact that today’s job market is highly competitive. It is therefore  very important today to earn a bachelor’s degree. If you wish to earn a college degree, a bachelor’s more specifically, but have yet to decide on a major, here are the five best paying bachelor’s degrees. Environmental engineering is [...]

Easing the Stress of College Financial Aid

The Obama Administration is working on making filling out the Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA easier. The FAFSA form is famous for being very difficult to complete. Students who wish to go on to college to earn a college degree, must complete this form if they plan on applying for federal aid. When [...]

Rising College Costs Seem to be Recession Proof

If you are a parent and have recently footed the bill to pay for your child’s college education, you must be asking yourself if it is worth it during this recession. You wonder where all the money went and why can’t the price fall, especially during this recession. This year, the average increase in tuition [...]

Importance of Internships for College Students

In light of the weak and poor economy that surrounds us today, the importance of internships has risen dramatically for college students working on obtaining a college degree. These unpaid and short work practices assist internship seekers in many ways. Internships give college students a competitive edge in todays tough economy. Employers are now being [...]

The College Bubble-Is it Bursting?

Colleges treat their students as consumers by building fancy buildings and hiring star scholars in order to draw students in. These things were done regardless of how high these investments drove the tuition rates, because, frankly, they worked. Students have been drawn for years to the large universities that offer a lot of ‘extras’. But [...]

Study Online to Land Your Dream Job

The troubled economy is taking a bite out of everyone’s pocketbook these days and as a result, the world has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who are taking online classes. No matter who you are or where you come from, online classes are available today that allow you to earn a [...]

Things You Should Have in Your Dorm Room

If you’re heading off to a university to obtain your college degree you’re probably going to be living in a ollege dormitory, there are a few things that you can invest in to make your life more comfortable. It is a great idea to purchase a loft bed. If you do not know already, dorm [...]

Class of 2009′s SAT Scores Are Steady

In 2009, the national SAT scores declined by one point in the areas of reading and writing while math scores stayed about the same. This is according to the U.S. government’s College Board. The average ACT scores were also flat for this year. (ACT is the other major test used for determining college admission). There [...]

About Provo College

Provo College was established in 1989 in Utah and provides accredited diplomas and associate degrees. At Provo, when you work on earning a college degree you will receive a real-world education that will teach you the skills you will need in order to obtain a career in criminal justice, graphic design or healthcare. Students have [...]

The Highlights of Southwest Florida College

If you wish to earn a college degree, Southwest Florida College offers students advanced standing credits opportunities that can shorten learning programs.  Southwest Florida College boasts of having outstanding lifetime career placement services for graduates. At Southwest Florida College, students may elect to study online. Some of the degree programs offered can be completed in [...]

Virtual School Enrollments

Connections Academy, the virtual K-12 school operator, now has a virtual private school that goes by the name of National Connections Academy (NaCA). The 2009 fall semester enrollment at  NaCA closed on August 26th. National Connections Academy offers a top-notch education to K-12 students in a private curriculum that comes directly to you in your [...]

Keller Gives You an Professional Edge

By earning a degree from DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, you will gain the skills necessary to advance your career. Keller offers options to fit your lifestyle and the school has a curriculum that is current to today’s industry trends. Keller offers both onsite and online learning options to fit anyone’s lifestyle and [...]

What is an MBA really worth?

Corporate recruiters expect to hire around twenty percent more workers who possess an MBA degree than in the past. If you are a MBA degree holder, you can expect to make more money and earn around $92,000 per year. Due to the current demand for MBA degrees and the nice salaries available, now is the [...]

An Environmentally Friendly Career

With government and businesses becoming more and more concerned about what we are doing to the earth, there are more options available for environmental scientists. Earning a college degree in environmental science or in natural resources conservation can turn out to be a wonderful opportunity for getting a great career in this exciting field. Environmental [...]

Obama asks American Moms to Return to School

It is increasingly difficult for single mothers to come up with enough money to make ends meet. Millions of single parents in the United States are struggling with debt, making returning to college seem like only a dream to many single mothers. President Obama has asked single mothers to return to school using the incentive [...]