How to Get Accredited Online Degrees

If you are thinking of earning a college degree but do not think that you have the time to attend a college or university, you should consider earning an online degree. You can improve your marketability, move up within an existing company or simply find a niche that you would like to work in. There [...]

An Information Technology Degree Will Expand Your Career Options

Computer networks are being relied by by a growing number of businesses and as a result, an college degree in Information Technology is a wise choice for a fruitful future. If you are currently thinking of earning a college degree or if you wish to expand your career choices, a IT degree is a great [...]

Earn a Bachelor of Business Degree

Running a business is a multi-faceted affair. A Bachelor of Business degree is designed so that students learn basic business concepts and principals wherein they will learn to apply theory and logic to solving business-related problems. Earning a BBA degree requires taking courses in finance, accounting, hospitality and retailing, just to name a few. Most [...]

A Degree in Information Technology Can Open Doors

Earning a college degree in Information Technology is one of the hottest degrees going these days. Basically speaking, information technology is a branch of engineering that pertains to the exchange, processing and saving of information. Considering that there are many types of technology available, there are many types of IT professionals. The applications available in [...]

Things to Consider When Hiring A Tutor

There are at least two million tutors in the United States. This makes hiring a tutor for your child a rather confusing and complicated matter. Many tutors are independent and work solely for themselves. Some tutors work for large firms. No matter in what capacity a tutor works, he or she should all abide by [...]

Online MBAs Classes vs On-Campus MBA Classes

Online master’s degree programs are just as effective as attending MBA classes on a college campus. Today there have been very significant advancements made in the quality of online education and this includes master’s programs. It is no longer a requirement to attend a college campus in order to earn an MBA. Major colleges and [...]

Tips for Selecting an Online Graduate Program

Traditional campus courses are getting some pretty stiff competition these days from online graduate programs. Gone are the days that people frown upon earning a college degree online and there are graduate programs offered online today at major universities and colleges around the world. Students today can choose from a wide variety of graduate degree [...]

How to Apply to an Arts and Film Making School

If you are interested in enrolling in an arts and film making program at a college or university you should have a resume or portfolio highlighting your previous projects. You will want to submit an application to the school that you wish to attend. Be sure to highlight your skills and talents when applying and [...]

Great Reasons to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree Online

It used to be that having an associate’s degree helped to you secure a dream job. Nowadays however, there are many people who are entering the working world with just an associate degree. The competition is tough for those with associate degrees and due to the recent recession, there are far fewer job opportunities for [...]

How Quickly Can You Earn an Online Degree?

How quickly are you able to earn an online degree? The answer to this question all depends on how much time you are willing to set aside for your studies. If you are feeling pinched economically and need a part time job right away, perhaps it is best to sign up for an accelerated online [...]

Colleges & the Economy

The talk this past week at the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s yearly gathering of college admissions officers and high school counselors seemed to center around the economy. The high school counselors in attendance in Baltimore said that this year parents are worried that they cannot afford to send their children to college due [...]

Fresno Pacific University

FPU or Fresno Pacific University is the only accredited Christian college in the Central Valley. FPU offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, adult degree completion programs as well as certificates and credentialing programs. FPU was founded back in 1944 and the school is ranked in the top tier of all master’s degree universities in the West. [...]

The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act

President Obama wants to make historic investment in the country’s economic future by improving early education opportunities and making earning a college degree affordable-all at no costs to taxpayers. The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act or SAFRA will help Obama reach his goal. It will expand quality early education opportunities which will put more [...]

Sustainability Degrees Are a Growing Trend Among College Students

As our environment continues to be a concern for the world, sustainability degrees are a growing trend among college students these days. “Green Collar” jobs are becoming increasingly popular and many accredited colleges and universities are broadening their degree offerings accordingly including offering MBAs in sustainable business practices as well as technical training. Arizona State [...]

Student Loan Options and Scholarship Options for Last Minute Assistance

Even if the deadline for deciding on going to college is nearing and over in some cases,  it does not mean that it is too late to receive financial aid. There are several viable ways to assist you in paying for your college degree and will will take a look at the most popular here. [...]

Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009

The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 is a bill that is aimed to expand Pell grants, direct loans, community colleges and early childhood education. The $87 billion invested in SAFRA will make earning a college degree more affordable, create more community colleges and simplify the student loan program in the U.S. President [...]

Exploring College Alternatives

In today’s extremely slow and highly competitive job market, many college grads are exploring their career options. It is a good idea for students to consider several positions that are related to their degree qualifications and interests until they can land their dream job. The real-world work experience they gain will definitely help them in [...]