Race to The Top Pushed by US Dept of Education

U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan has released the final application for over $4 billion from the Race to the Top Fun. The fund will reward the states that have raised the performance of their students and who have the ability to accelerate achievement gains using clever reforms. The grants awarded to the winning states [...]

December Town Hall for Students

Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan accompanied President Obama to a high school in Arlington, Virginia when Obama made his nationally televised Back to School Speech. Obama encouraged the young people in the crowd to work hard and graduate. On December 15th the Department of Education’s television program will host a special edition town hall. [...]

A Few Scams for College Students to Be Aware Of

There is a group of internet scammers who are targeting students who illegally download music, books and video. It has been reported that a fake collection agency sent out letters to Bucknell College students demanding $500 to settle the alleged illegal downloads. The FTC is warning students against advisers and web services that charge big [...]

Tips on How to Raise $15,000 for College

With the decline in the economy, the already climbing cost of attending college has increased. This trend is not expected to end anytime soon, so here are a few tips on how you can raise thousands of dollars so that you can go on to earn a college degree. Ask your family for assistance. Colleges [...]

News Not So Good For Students of Journalism

The University of Georgia has reported that journalism and mass communication students are having a hard time finding employment once they have earned their college degrees. Only 6 in 10 of the grads had full time employment six to eight months after graduation. This is the lowest level of full time employment reported in 23 [...]

Education Feels the Pinch of Budget Cuts

Colleges and universities around the nation are feeling the pinch of budget cuts due to the economy. At City College of San Francisco’s Microcomputer Applications for Business 101′s first day of class, there were several extra students standing in the aisles and cluttering the doorway. The instructor told the crowd there there were only enough [...]

University Canada West-$1 Million in Scholarships

High school students the world over are invited by University Canada West to submit their application to receive up to $25,000 for tuition. UCAN offers students a very unique college experience with their cultural diversity that sets the stage for a dynamic learning experience that is like no other. This initiative is a great chance [...]

UCAN is A Great School Offering Many Possibilities

University Canada West is a place where your ideas and skills develop into an invaluable academic education. At UCAN, you can select a path that offers a rigorous academic education in arts, business, technology, and design. University Canada West is an independent university that offers an MBA, BCOM and BA degrees. The school offers a [...]

Is ‘College For All’ A Good Idea?

When schools attempt to prepare all high school students for college, it can be a bit controversial. It is simply not true that all high school students are interested in earning a college degree and most teachers as well as parents would probably agree. Of course, all high school students must be prepared to graduate [...]

About Grants, Scholarships and Work Study

There are many ways to pay the high price of receiving a college degree today that do not include having to take out loans. There are various ‘free money’ options including grants, scholarships and work study programs that do no require repayment. Grants are available from the federal government, state government, schools and private organizations. [...]

Veterinary Technician College Programs

If you wish to obtain a college degree in veterinary science, there are some really great online programs available at several colleges. Agrosy University has 14 college campuses and a good reputation record. Agrosy offers a graduate degree program that puts its focus on real world applications. The programs will prepare students for rewarding careers [...]

Online Journalism Schools

If you enjoy writing and like the media, perhaps an online course in journalism would interest you. Online journalism schools offer students instruction in the methods involved in gathering, processing and delivering news. If you were to seek a college degree in journalism online, you do not have to worry about meeting campus schedules, finding [...]

Earn a Degree in Hospitality Management

A college degree in hospitality management will prepare you for an exciting degree in the restaurant industry as well as luxury hotels, spas and motels. If you enroll in this college degree program, you will be required to take a wide variety of classes including catering, food and beverage, marketing and sales. You have the [...]

Online Classes to Become a Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent is very attractive to a lot of people due to the fact that you get an incredible opportunity to travel and discounts and promotional travel advantages. There is the opportunity to earn a college degree in the field in the form of an associate, bachelor as well as a master’s degree. [...]