Considerations for Choosing a College

The months of May and June is the time of the year when throngs of college grads will receive their college degrees and head out into the working world. Studies have shown us that most of these grads will find work in fields that are not related to their undergrad studies. If you are in [...]

How Parents Can Cut College Costs

The cost of a college degree rises higher each and every year and there is no relief in sight. It costs $17,300 on average to attend a public college for one year while attending a private university can set you back by $35,000. With numbers like these many parents are stressing over ways to pay [...]

Top College Majors

If you are a senior in high school then you will soon be faced with choosing what college major to go with. There are many majors to choose from but the decision is often difficult due to you not having a whole lot of experience with college. Most college students change their majors at one [...]

Be Sure to Have Great Letters of Recommendation

If you are a college student and plan on attending grad school, you should know that most grad schools require letters of recommendation. You should carefully consider who you will ask to write these letters for you. In most likelihood, your letters will be coming from previous professors. If you have some work experience than [...]

Computer Animation As A Career Choice

If you would love to have a career as an animator, you can get started by finding a college that will allow you to study this exciting field of work. Computer animation is a career choice that is full of opportunity and if you like the thought of learning how to create animated characters, story [...]

Westwood College-Great IT Degree Programs

In this day and age, an IT degree can be put to great use. If you love the world of computers and would like to earn a degree in the IT field, then you should consider attending Westwood College. At Westwood you can major in gaming software development, information technology, computer forensics, network management or [...]

Top Online Schools

If you are interested in distance learning and would like to know which online schools out there have great reputations, then read on! The University of Phoenix was one of the very first accredited universities to offer college degree programs via the internet. Today, there are well over 150,000 students enrolled in the U of [...]

Software Development and Software Engineering

Both software development and software engineering are related to the creation and implementation of software applications however, there are a few differences in how the 2 disciplines can be applied. Software developers on the other hand, will generally be responsible for the full life-cycle of the software product. Their duties would include a lot of [...]

What You Can Do With A Degree in Computer Science

Earning a degree in computer science is a very popular choice these days considering the many advances in technology and network communications. More and more companies around the globe are in need of qualified IT personnel to meet their needs in this computer-oriented world we live in. A computer science major is a very popular [...]

Should You Earn a Degree Online?

If you are considering earning an online degree, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration before deciding. The first thing you must determine is whether or not you are well-suited to study online. Do you have the personal commitment and the drive that it requires to work independently? Some online schools [...]

Earn an PhD in Psychology Online

Today, psychologists and counselors are in high demand, and in the US alone, the demand for psychologists is expected to increase considerably over the next few years. If you are interested in earning a PhD in psychology but do not feel that you have the time to attend a college due to time constraints, then [...]

Walden University-Top Online College

Walden University is an online college that offers bachelor’s degree programs for thousands of students all across the USA.  Located in the Midwest, Walden is a for-profit private college that also awards Master of Arts, Master of Public Health, Master of BS, as well as offering doctorate programs. Walden puts a high value on its [...]

Adults To Get Credit For Out of Classroom Learning

Accredited colleges have, for years, awarded credit for out of classroom learning experiences such as independent study and volunteer work. Unfortunately, today, many accredited colleges cannot afford to train their staff to evaluate these experiences. Thanks to a new online service that will help translate outside learning into credits for college, many adults can now [...]

Think About Graduate School Before Enrolling

Earning an advanced college degree can literally take years and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you cannot find a fellowship. No one should begin planning for graduate school until they have put together a good application that can sell. You should be getting top grades in your major area of study [...]

Report Illustrates Differences Between Student Groups

A national study has found that the difference in achievement levels between various groups of students is narrowing between advantaged and disadvantaged students on state math and reading tests. The study was conducted by the Washington-based Center on Education Policy and shows the achievement gaps for minority students have become less wide across all grade [...]

The Brewing Fight Over Education

The landmark education law, No Child Left Behind Act is due for its five year overhaul but the last Congress was not able to get a bill out of committee. Other pressing issues such as the economic recovery bill and health care made it easy for Congress to put the work off. Education Secretary Arne [...]

How to Locate Cheap Student Loans

Due to the weakened economy, those cheap and easy $40,000 student loans we all saw on late night television in 2008 have raised the costs of education loans, but the financial mess has also made it possible to find some great loan opportunities. Most students can still find good loans to cover most of their [...]

How to Prepare for College

In order to be prepared for college, you need to concern yourself with more than just grades and classes. It is also about becoming an adult who can succeed in a competitive environment. If you wish to get ready to earn that college degree, you should start taking challenging and interesting courses in high school. [...]

Tools to Increase Financial Literacy

Education on the management of personal finance or financial literacy are a very important part of planning and funding post secondary education. People must understand the options regarding the wide array of financial products, services, and providers so that they can make good financial decisions. There are several websites which can be utilized to show [...]