Continuing Your Education Opens More Doors

Education is a wonderful privilege and provides individuals with invaluable knowledge and skills that will last throughout their lifetime. Another wonderful aspect about obtaining an education is that it is possible for almost anyone to get one regardless of their age, race, religion or physical impairments. If you are interested in returning to school to [...]

Receive CNA Training Online

If you are interested in becoming a certified nurse assistant, you do not have to attend classes in person. Instead, you can take online classes and study from the convenience of your own home. Studying online in order to earn a college degree is a very popular trend today. Not only is it significantly cheaper [...]

Military Dependents Could be Eligible for $10K

More and more people are returning to school today in order to earn a college degree. For those people who are married to someone in the US Armed Forces, it is possible to apply for the Military Spouse Scholarships. One of the scholarships in this program is for $10,000 to pay for college expenses. This [...]

Finding Your Dream Job

Finding the perfect job is a dream many of us share. However, the majority of workers in most industries end up working for someone else. This situation does not necessarily fulfill their dreams of finding the ultimate job. Going back to college to earn a degree is a great step towards a better career. Many [...]

Earn An Online MBA

Distance learning is one of the most popular ways to earn a college education today. The convenience of working from home, the low cost and the flexibility of online learning is causing thousands of people to earn college degree programs online. Today it is possible to earn an MBA online. There are many top universities [...]

College Students: Make Use of Federal Grants and Scholarships

The price of earning a college education has risen out of control. Many adults would like to return to college or attend for the first time but cannot do so due to not having the financial resources available to pay for the tuition costs. Be sure to check out all of the aid money you [...]

College Scholarships for Fathers

If you happen to be a father and you would like to return to school in order to earn a college degree, there is some good news for you! There is a lot of money out there in the form of scholarships that you can apply for. The U.S. government realizes all too well that [...]

Scholarships for Moms

President Obama’s Scholarships for moms provides a chance for mothers to change their futures. This program was a part of his Stimulus Package that provides assistance for Americans and it is designed to allow mothers the chance to return to school in order to earn a college degree. With the price of earning a college [...]

Tips on How to Choose the best College Degree for you.

It is hard for many students to choose what to do for the rest of their lives but it should not be thought of that way when it comes to choosing a college degree major. Many people actually work in careers that are totally different from their majors and that is fine. Just be sure [...]

What Are the Best Classes to Take in College?

No matter what major you decide on, there are some standard accredited classes that all college students should take. Most of these classes are requirements but they are great courses to take to help with personal development and the for enriching our lives. Students should take economics 101. An economics class will help you to [...]

The Most Popular College Majors Today

It is often very tough for students to decide on a college major before they start there college degree classes. Many new students are very unsure about what the future holds for them and making the most popular major for college freshman is ‘undecided’. This is because many college students simply do not know what [...]

OEDb’s Online College Rankings for the Year 2009

Despite the fact that online colleges are gaining respect from top employers a lack of transparency is stopping it from reaching its full potential. The current rankings by OEDb which is a database of accredited online education programs includes the most significant degree-granting undergrad online colleges that operate in the USA and DeVry University comes [...]

Colleges are Taking the Stress out of Finals

At the University of Virginia, students find more than toilet paper on the inside of the bathroom stalls. They are also finding copies of the Stall Seat Journal-the publication that offers tips on how to deal with end of the year stress. At Ohio University in Dayton, students are offered playground games instead of study [...]

Tips for College Grads Seeking Jobs

The U.S. Labor Department’s latest data shows that employers may be beginning to hire again but that does not mean that finding work will be easy for new college graduates. If you are a recent college grad, here is some advice that may help you to find a job. Be sure to make a personal [...]

Parents: Should Your Children Pay for Their Own College?

It is very tempting these days for parents who are struggling financially to tell their children that they must help pay for their own college educations but the long-term impact could be devastating, says a new survey. The survey, Public Agenda, found that 63 percent of college grads surveyed had received some sort of financial [...]

How to Get In-State Tuition Aid

There is a lot of talk these days about the skyrocketing costs of earning a college education, but prospective students should also be told that there are many affordable public colleges in smaller cities that are eager for students and that are willing to cut them a good deal. Some colleges even are extending these [...]