Earn an Online Bachelor Degree from a Top State University

It can be difficult for students to choose an online bachelor degree program considering how many choices are out there today. If you do a quick search online you will be presented with hundreds of websites that can make the task all that much more daunting. Many students are opting to earn their online degrees [...]

Be Sure To Check if Online colleges are Accredited

Why does it matter that a college is accredited? If you wish to earn a college degree in order to further your career, you must be sure that the schools you are considering attending are accredited. This way you will be sure that you graduate with credentials that are acceptable by employers as well as [...]

Families Planning for College Face High Costs

The poor economy has made planning and attending college tougher than usual for many families across the United States. With job losses and dwindling savings, many families who wish to send their high school grads on to college are struggling to make ends meet. This is particularly true in the state of Michigan-the state in [...]

Private Colleges Halt Some Student Assistance

Last year, as a result of the economy, across the US, private colleges have had to lay off staff and put new construction on hold as well as making cut-backs to sports programs. All the while however, student financial aid has remained steady. Now many colleges are being forced to limit their generosity after some [...]

Choosing a Career-A Few Tips

Choosing a career is probably one of life’s most important decisions. The fact that we must choose a career path when we are young makes the decision that much harder. Take your interests into consideration when deciding on a career. Follow your heart and choose something that you have passion for. If you love to [...]

Provo College is an Outstanding Education Opportunity

Provo College is a small private college that is located in Provo, Utah in the United States. Provo is dedicated to educating students so that they can join the rapidly growing job market as skilled employees. Provo prides itself on the fact that its students gain employment quickly upon completing a degree program at the [...]

Earn a Degree Online and Advance your Career

If you would like to earn more money and are thinking of earning a college degree, there is no need to quit your current job. Today, there are over four million students in the US alone who are studying online. Many of the US’s top colleges and universities now offer online degree programs that allow [...]

Southwest Florida College Computer Training

Southwest Florida College is well aware of the importance of post-secondary schooling and it works hard to provide people with opportunities to pursue their educational goals. Southwest Florida offers associate and bachelor degree programs in account technology, computer aided drafting and design, information tech management, network engineering and database administrator, just to name a few [...]

How to Choose An Online College

Now, thanks to online college degree programs, you can finally complete your dream of earning that college degree you have always dreamed of. Many well established colleges and universities are now offering online degree programs. Today, there is an amazing 2.25 million people registered for online courses just in the U.S. alone. Before signing up [...]

Finding the Best Online College Degree Program for You

Many people in this day and age are trying hard to balance the heavy demands of a career, family and education without neglecting one of those areas of their lives. It can seem impossible to fit a college education into a busy lifestyle but thanks to online degree programs, it is now possible for adults [...]

The Most Flexible Degree Choices

In light of the fact that our economy in a downturn, college graduates must be flexible when looking for work. It is best to select a degree program that allows for a wide range of employment opportunities upon graduation. Some of the best job options for college grads are in such fields as business administration, [...]

College Grads-Hiring Trends for 2010

Unemployment in the United States is at a 26 year high. A recent survey done by Michigan State University has found that this year is going to be very challenging for college grads as it is predicted that hiring for graduates will decline by 2% over what it was in 2009. According to the survey, [...]

The Truth about Community Colleges

There are many misconceptions surrounding community colleges and in order to know if it is right for you, you should have the facts. If you begin your college career at a community college and end up transferring to a four year school you can save yourself thousands of dollars in tuition costs. One myth about [...]

Colleges Answer Obama’s State of the Union

Higher education is more important than ever before with so many jobs hanging in the balance. In President Barack Obama’s State of the Union message, major emphasis was put on reducing the cost of college. Obama said that no one should end up broke trying to pay for college. The President talked about setting a [...]

College Gender Gap Evens Out

The gender gap for college education favoring females has stopped growing, according to a recent report done by the American Council of Education. In the US, men make up 43 percent of college enrollment-a statistic that has stayed the same since the year 2000. Following the women’s right movement in the 1970s, women made up [...]

Online College Education Increases by 17%

It is becoming more and more popular to earn a college degree online. Due to the convenience of not having to travel to and from a campus and the low cost, online learning has increased by17% over the past few years. A recent survey of over 2,500 colleges and universities found that about 4.6 million [...]