Healthcare Specialization

Students and professionals in the healthcare industry really have a huge variety of career positions to choose from depending on their level of college education. Each area of healthcare from administration to service providers has many different positions to help meet the needs of organizations.  For example, a medical student interested in eventually becoming a surgeon [...]

Health & Medicine

At the Accredited Classes website, individuals can find a wealth of invaluable information about taking accredited classes and obtaining degrees and certifications in the Health & Medicine industry. People interested in pursuing a career in this industry can specialize in any of a number of areas including psychology, counseling, health administration, health services, human services, medical services, [...]

Getting Down to Business

College and university business students have a wide array of career choices they can pursue when they complete their programs degree. Some of the most common fields that students pursue after obtaining their college degrees that are related to business include, but are not limited to the following areas: accounting, finance, economics, business administration, business communications, Business [...]

Science & Engineering Degrees

There are also a plethora of accredited classes and college degree programs geared towards individuals interested in careers in the Science and Engineering industries. Some students specialize in the fields of Science, Mathematics, Aviation, Chemical Engineering, Genetics Research and many other exciting positions. Microbiologists, Electronics Engineers and Nuclear physicists all hail from this technical industry. There is [...]

Arts & Humanities

College and university students as well as busy professionals now have the opportunity to pursue their educational and career goals thanks to numerous educational institutions that offer accredited classes. Individuals interested in employment in the Arts & Humanities fields of study can find the courses they need to get a position or a promotion in industries [...]

Defining the Campus

Colleges and universities must adhere to safety regulations under the guidelines of the Clery Act. The 2005 Handbook for Campus Crime Reporting clearly defines what areas, buildings, facilities, grounds and property are considered a part of the overall campus boundaries. Academic institutions are responsible for making sure that these areas are relatively safe and crime-free for students, [...]

Safety Guidelines

An easy rule of thumb to help safety officials and administrators at universities and colleges determine whether or not an area should be considered a part of the campus or at least subject to the same safety consideration as the actual campus is documented in the 2005 Handbook for Campus Crime Reporting. It states that On campus [...]

Kinds of Type-B Areas On Campus

According to the handbook, on-campus includes buildings and property that are in the same general location and that fit into one of two types. The second of these two types is Type B, and refers to areas that are, b) Owned but not controlled by the school, frequented by students, and used to support the [...]

United States Trailing Other Countries in Degrees

Based on data collected by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, the United States only ranks as having an average percentage of college students actually attaining their bachelor’s degrees among modern industrialized countries. The top ten countries that lead the pack in this area are: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, [...]

Online Criminal Justice Courses

Now is a perfect time for students interested in the field of criminal justice to take full advantage of online accredited classes.Students can obtain their Bachelor of Science degrees in Criminal Justice through several of our featured college degree programs from respected educational institutions including University of Phoenix and Westwood College. Students can narrow their degree [...]

Online Degree Classes

Another group that has benefited from the emergence and popularity of online degree classes are business owners looking for opportunities to enhance and grow their businesses and business ventures by increasing their knowledge and getting their degrees by taking specialized online business courses. By enrolling in online programs such as Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Technology or Marketing, [...]

Distance Learning Degrees

Steadily increasing numbers of 2 and 4 year colleges and universities are offering distance learning degrees (online degrees) for potential and existing students. In a one-year study done by the National Center for Education Statistics, as many as 56% of institutions offered a variety of off-campus courses in 2000-2001. With today’s increased employer needs for skilled professionals [...]

Back to School Budgeting

NEW YORK (AP) — As the back-to-school shopping season returns, so does the annual tug of war between kids who want the trendiest clothes and parents who need to hold to a budget. A recent Associated Press article suggests ways that parents can keep stress down and also teach some valuable lessons to the kids [...]

Online Computer Science Programs

Interested in obtaining a Computer Science degree online from an Accredited college or university? Look no further, provides a list of distance learning degree programs in many other categories. Check out the comprehensive list shown for Online IT & Computer Science Programs IT and Computer science programs are very popular for distance learning, many students [...]

Accredited Online Degrees is a resource directory for accredited online degrees. When you visit our website you will see that all the colleges and universities are accredited institutions. The listings we provide are for college degree courses and programs, we categorize them by degree type (certificates, associates, bachelors, masters, post graduate). All classes listed are for distance [...]

Federal Pell Grants

Unlike a loan, a Federal Pell grant doesn’t require you to repay it. Most of the time, Pell Grants are only awarded to undergraduate students. In some limited cases, however, you might receive a Pell Grant if you’re enrolled in a post baccalaureate teacher certificate program. Pell Grants are usually a foundation of federal student aid, to which aid [...]

Accredited Classes features a comprehensive list of accredited college degrees available for online degree studies. Our directory provides a list of degrees categorized by type: Certificate Accredited Degrees Associate Accredited Degrees Bachelor’s Accredited Degrees Master’s Accredited Degrees Postgraduate Accredited Degrees Our website is an ideal resource for professionals seeking accreditation for a variety of programs. Visit Accredited Classes website today and [...]

Business Certificates for Professionals

Corporations and businesses around the globe rely on their employees for the delivery, support and administration of the company’s products and services. That is why the quality of their staff and their commitment to providing the best skills available make some companies great. Accredited Classes has many resources to help individuals get the certifications they need to [...]

Other Forms of Distance Learning

One of the oldest forms of distance learning were correspondence courses and the first organization to offer it was the University of South Africa in 1946. Today, thanks to modern technologies, there are several methods of delivery for distance learning including through radio broadcast, television programs, video teleconferencing, online classes and even Podcasts. Having multiple [...]

What is Distance Learning?

The term distance learning has many slight variations but the primary function of distance learning is to allow students and instructors to interact from different physical, geographic locations for the purpose of educational instruction. Distance learning courses, often including accredited classes, can be conducted in one of two ways, either synchronously where the student and instructor [...]