DeVry Offers a Masters in Project Management (MPM) Program

Statistics prove that a master’s degree holder earns over $11,000 more annually than those who only have a bachelor’s degree. At DeVry University, you can earn a master’s degree and keep your job as you are earning it.

Project management is very important to top companies and DeVry’s program can assist you in developing the skills and earning the credentials you will need to move your career forward. By completing your master’s in Project Management, you will be opening many doors of career opportunities in this very competitive field.

DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management are accredited by the GAC (Global Accreditation Center), which is the leading association for project management professionals worldwide. There is an online learning option for students wishing to seek a career-oriented project management degree as well.

The GAC accreditation allows students to speed up their path to earning their credentials in project management. The course programs are designed to ensure that the graduates will be highly employable upon graduation. The program will sharpen the students’ communication and teamwork skills and will provide the student with integration skills that are currently in high demand.

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