Explore Southwest Florida College Education Programs

At Southwest Florida College, students are prepared for careers in educating the next generation for a lifetime of success. The school offers exciting education programs in such topics as early childhood care and management, elementary education and early childhood education. If you are considering earning a college degree in the field of education, take a good look at what this school offers.

The Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Science Degree Program at Southwest Florida college is a program for students who have an Associate in Science degree to seek and expand on their knowledge and career opportunities by earning a Bachelor’s degree. Students will be prepared to teach in preschool through grade three. Students will learn to develop lesson plans, curriculums, instruction and assessment in the classroom. Students who complete this program are eligible to sit for the ESOL in Florida.

The Early Education Associate of Science Degree Program prepares students for a career in early childhood education. Once completing this degree program, students can find work in preschools, childcare centers and public schools working with children through the age of eight.
The Elementary Education Bachelor of Science Degree Program is a four year program that will prepare students to teach in an elementary school. One full term of student teaching is included in this program.

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