FAST COMPANY’s Top 25 Jobs

FAST COMPANY, a major internet and magazine company, published an index of The 25 Top Jobs for 2005-2009. The criteria their researchers used to determine what they considered the top 25 jobs include, by order of importance:

  • Demand – (35%) Referencing the Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth data through 2012.
  • Salary – (35%) Referencing the Bureau of Labor Statistics top and bottom 10th percentiles to show the difference between the highest and lowest salaries, the bigger the spread, the more room for growth.
  • Education – (20%) Surprisingly education was the 3rd highest ranking but, as numerous studies have proven, the higher an individual’s education level is, generally their salary level rises. Therefore individuals with college degrees stand to make more earnings than those without.
  • Innovation – (10%) The ability for employees be innovative and creative in their careers can also greatly influence their happiness and success in their chosen fields. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a job totally devoid of any creative thought or contribution.

    Referenced Source(s): FAST COMPANY


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