Great Tips for Community College Students

Attending community college these days is very popular. Nearly half of all college students in the U.S. are now enrolled in one. Barack Obama has announced a new community college initiative that is designed to boost federal government funding for community colleges and increase the number of students that enroll in community colleges. If you are among the great many people who is considering earning a college degree and are thinking of attending community college, here are a few tips for getting the most out of the experience.

Be sure to know what courses will transfer to a four year university. Check the websites of your prospective four year college to be sure all of the courses you sign up for do indeed transfer.

Be sure to know the differences between the types of degrees offered by the community college you are going to attend. Community colleges offer an associate in applied science degree (A.A.S), an associate in science (A.S.) degree and an associate in arts (A.A.) The first is a two year vocational degree and the A.S. And A.A. degrees provide you with basic liberal arts coursework that parallels what is offered at a four year college that gets you ready to transfer to that type of school.

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