High School Grads Showing Promise

It was found that the 2009 graduating class has the most college-bound students taking the SAT in history and this class also has the most diverse participation in the history of the SAT.

Over 1.5 million US students in the class of 2009 took the SAT and of those, 40% were minority students. This is an increase from 39% in 2008 and 29.2 percent in 1999-showing clearing the steady growth in SAT minority participation rates.

Student’s math scores have experienced an upward swing and are now four points higher than what they were just ten years ago. On the contrary, critical reading scores have dipped slightly and are 4 points below what they were a decade ago.

Hispanic students represent the largest and fastest growing minority group taking the SAT and this group now represents 13.5 percent of all SAT takers compared to just 7.8% a decade ago. Females make up 53% of the 2009 test taking group while males made up 46%.

The SAT’s best performers had three things in common: They had finished a core curriculum, had taken the toughest classes in high school and had reviewed the SAT before taking it.

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