How Parents Can Cut College Costs

The cost of a college degree rises higher each and every year and there is no relief in sight. It costs $17,300 on average to attend a public college for one year while attending a private university can set you back by $35,000. With numbers like these many parents are stressing over ways to pay for their children’s education.

Some of the best ways to cut costs for college include:

-Apply for college in your senior year of high school. Some college will
actually reward you with a scholarship for applying early.

-Have your child enroll in a two year program first and then transfer. This will save you a considerable amount of money.

-Do not believe that there is just one ‘right’ college for your child. This is simply not the case and it can strap you into some very high tuition costs.

-Apply to colleges that are looking for students. Look for those ‘off the beaten’ trail colleges who are in need of students. You will find lower tuition rates and easier admission standards.

Considering the faltering economy and the rising cost of college, you need to do whatever you can to cut costs. By following these steps above you should save yourself a considerable amount of money as well as stress.

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