How Struggling Colleges and Universities can Survive by Offering Online Classes

Today’s economic turmoil is far-reaching. Colleges and universities are not immune from the economic woes facing our economy.

By offering online classes, some of the higher institutions of learning that are struggling may be able to keep their heads above water, so to speak.

Many students in the United States simply cannot afford to go to college. It often costs students extra money to live in the dormitories. They have to buy food, materials and possibly pay for traveling expenses.

By offering online courses, a struggling college or university can increase enrollment, which brings in money with more students paying tuition. Once more students are enrolled, the costs are held down because there is not a need to pay additional instructors to teach on campus. This, in turn, will mean less classrooms being used, which should significantly decrease energy costs on the campus. Also, by offering more online courses, perhaps the ailing school may be able to shut down entire buildings to save additional money.

By offering online classes, colleges and universities are opening their doors to a wider group of students who may otherwise not attend post-secondary educational institutions at all, so it is a win-win situation with both students and educators benefiting.

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