How to Become a Computer Network Engineer

If you’d like to become a computer network engineer, you should first obtain your bachelor’s degree in either computer science or engineering. If possible, take advanced level math classes, as math is very much involved in the job. The next logical step is to enroll in a certified program that is specifically geared to give you the education necessary so that you qualify for a range of jobs within the field.

Some of the fundamental courses you should seek out are courses which study technologies such as IP and TCP/IP, OSI model, Ethernet, or internetworking. Once certified, you could be hired by a major corporation under various job titles such as systems manager, network administrator, internet administrator, network analyst, or tech support to name a few.

To increase your chances of landing a job as a network engineer, you should try and obtain a programming or help desk internship. This may not pay well, but you’ll gain invaluable experience in the field with hands-on training.

You should also be skilled in being able to explain technical information to others. This can be done verbally or in writing. If you’re able to communicate with others about technical subjects, you’ll be more prepared for a career as a computer network engineer.

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