More Education = More Opportunities

Study after study proves that if you continue your education after high school, you are much more likely to make more money than people who do not earn a college degree. For example, a college grad can afford to purchase a large flat-screen TV in just two months while a high school grad may have to work four months in order to afford the same TV.

Today there are many jobs that require you have specialized training or a two or four year college degree. By having more education, you have many more opportunities to choose from. It is estimated that 90% of the best careers will require some college education by the year 2014.

Of course your high school diploma is useful but a college degree gives you a fifty percent greater chance for employment. A two year degree and having a bit of college increases your chances as well. The fact is, that the higher your educational level, the higher the chances you have of landing and keeping a great job.

College grads get jobs that offer better benefits which include health insurance and retirement plans. A person with just a high school diploma may not be so fortunate.

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