Online Enrollment Increasing At Many Colleges

Since last year, online enrollment has been increasing at many colleges. Many students have discovered the advantages of online schools as opposed to campus-based education.

Online courses are also ideal for most part-time students, working professionals and students who have physical disabilities. With the flexible formats of online schooling as well as web-based enrollment and payments, it is not surprising why internet-based enrollment has been on the upswing for several years.

According to researchers, a total of 3.94 million students enrolled in one online course during fall of 2007. This translates to roughly 20% of the entire college student population, and this number also brought about an increase of 12.9 percent from the year 2006.

The convenience of online enrollment, compared with campus-based enrolment, has led many students to choose web-based education instead. With online enrollment increasing at many colleges, it is clear how the popularity of internet-based education is growing at a positive rate.


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