Social Studies Standards

The Texas State Board of Education has adopted a new social studies standard recently after a lot of talk went on marked by both politics and race. These new standards will change what is covered in social studies, economy and history classes.

The board in Texas is quite conservative and they took lessons learned from the Civil Rights movement and hundreds of other sources to come up with the plan of action. The final vote was 11-4 in favor of the changes after several days of heated and often emotional discussions.

Christian references regarding the ‘laws of nature and nature’s God’ was added to a portion of the US history curriculum that will require students to explain political ideology. They also decided to delete the word ‘democratic’ when referring the US government and decided to replace it with ‘constitutional republic’. The more conservative members of the board battled the attempts to include hip-hop music as an example of cultural movements. In spite of numerous attempts, important Hispanics will not be mentioned in history which prompted one board member to accuse her colleagues of ‘whitewashing’ the standards.

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