Software Development and Software Engineering

Both software development and software engineering are related to the creation and implementation of software applications however, there are a few differences in how the 2 disciplines can be applied.

Software developers on the other hand, will generally be responsible for the full life-cycle of the software product. Their duties would include a lot of preliminary and ongoing research, making changes to better suit the purpose of the software and the maintenance of the software.

A software engineer is responsible for studying, developing, implementing and operating software applications. These applications are used for a variety of purposes that can include both business and entertainment uses.

Some of the various types of software applications can include language applications, office applications, entertainment and applications for educational purposes. It costs a company less to hire a software developer than it does to hire a software engineer.

Since more and more businesses are opting to have their own software custom made for them, software development is a fast growing career field.
Many companies use over the shelf software packages if they meet their needs. For many businesses, hiring a software developer is the only way they can have their applications perform the specific tasks the business needs it to.

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