Strayer Embraces Ethnic Differences

Strayer University boasts a very diverse student body. While most colleges and universities make every effort to attract a wide range of enrollees, Strayer University definitely provides great degree programs with accredited classesto it’s multi-ethnic enrollees with approximately 42% African-American, 33% Caucasian, 7% International, 6% Asian, and 4% Hispanic students. Part of the success of Strayer University and it’s students can be attributed to the fact that this institution is well known for the quality of it’s accredtied classes and degree programs. A college education is an invaluable asset any individual regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic class as it almost guarantees that that individual can accomplish their goals and succeed in their professional and career endeavors as long as they apply what they learn and strive for excellence.Referenced Source(s): Strayer University,


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