Student Skills Needed for the Future

The skills needed by students are changing and rapidly developing, according to the new U.S. Secretary of Education. In a statement by U.S. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, future leaders need to have the necessary skills and capabilities valuable for world-class competence.

Both high schools and colleges need to be instrumental in strengthening education, especially in the subjects of Math and Science. President Bush has developed college grant programs for students who are willing to take up Technology, Mathematics, and Science-related courses in college. In order to produce a globally competitive workforce, students need to have sufficient knowledge and training.

Well-educated students lead to stable and competent professionals, valuable for the entire nation and even for the entire world. More than focusing on Math and Science disciplines, foreign language skills are also highly essential. The national educational system should offer students the necessary educational resources and skills important in obtaining better career opportunities in the future.


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