The Brewing Fight Over Education

The landmark education law, No Child Left Behind Act is due for its five year overhaul but the last Congress was not able to get a bill out of committee. Other pressing issues such as the economic recovery bill and health care made it easy for Congress to put the work off.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says that he is still hoping to see a new version of the law passed. The path to success is littered with some serious faults in the broad support for reforming the educational system in America.

America’s democrats are still uneasy about the political climate in America to have the necessary confidence to take on key interest groups. Leading Republicans on Capitol Hill are sending signals that bipartisanship may not be an option this time around.

If President Obama is really serious about seeing some education reform in 2010 then he must expend some political capital on it. Thus far he is having some luck with his education policy as very few people thought the issue would really grow roots.

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