The Lifetime Learning Credit

The US government’s Lifetime Learning Credit can be claimed for the qualified tuition and related expenses of the students in a taxpayer’s family who are enrolled in higher education. Any individual paying tuition and related expenses at a college may claim the credit as long as the school is eligible. Students are not required to be enrolled at least half time. Nonresident aliens generally are no eligible to claim the credit.

A college student may claim a Lifetime Learning Credit for more than one family member as it is calculated on a per family basis rather than a per student basis.

Either the parent or the child may claim the credit, but not both. The parent may make the claim on his or her federal tax return even if the child files his or her own taxes. When a child is claimed as a dependent on the parent’s return, any tuition paid by the child during the year is treated as if the parent had paid them and are thus included in calculating the parent’s Lifetime Learning Credit. To find out more, visit the US government IRS website.

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