Think About Graduate School Before Enrolling

Earning an advanced college degree can literally take years and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you cannot find a fellowship. No one should begin planning for graduate school until they have put together a good application that can sell.

You should be getting top grades in your major area of study if you are thinking of going to graduate school. On average, only one in ten applicants are accepted. Be sure that you have certain skills before graduating from a four year college.

Having some foreign language skills, proficiency in statistics or some outstanding knowledge in a particular science is very helpful in helping you become accepted in grad school. Be sure not to overload with just one professor as your development in your field can become stifled. Remember too that you will need at least three different letters of recommendation to apply for graduate school.

Most graduate schools will ask for a sample of your writing and this sample can be the first cut in the admissions process. Be sure to send in a strong sample. Pay special attention to the suggested length and if you are unsure what you should send, then ask an undergrad adviser for guidance.

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