Tools to Increase Financial Literacy

Education on the management of personal finance or financial literacy are a very important part of planning and funding post secondary education. People must understand the options regarding the wide array of financial products, services, and providers so that they can make good financial decisions.

There are several websites which can be utilized to show you how to manage your personal finances and information. is a US government-run website that teaches you the basics about financial education. Here there is great information on budgeting, credit management, savings, investing and financial planning.

360 Degees of Financial Literacy is sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and it is full of articles that cover such topics as money management for college students and college students and credit cards.

FDIC Consumer News offers articles on how you can become a wiser and safer user of financial services that will help you to stretch your earnings and protect you at the same time.

These websites are great for learning how to successfully manage your personal finances and gives you a lot of information on consumer protection.

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