Top College Majors

If you are a senior in high school then you will soon be faced with choosing what college major to go with. There are many majors to choose from but the decision is often difficult due to you not having a whole lot of experience with college.

Most college students change their majors at one time or another during their college careers. For this reason, a few colleges in the United States have entered all of their students into a general program of study for the first two years of study.

You should decide what it is that you are most interested in when you are choosing a major. If for instance you are very interested in internet technology, then you should most definitely look at IT programs or some other type of computer-related college major.

Some of the most popular college majors at the present time are chemical engineering, computer engineering, electronic/communications engineering, computer science, accounting, business administration and marketing.
For most of the majors above a bachelor’s degree is sufficient in landing a job. A master’s is optional and can be obtained later in life.

If you do not want to stay in college for a long period of time then it is a good idea not to sign up for a major such as English that may require a PhD degree in order to get the best employment opportunities.

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